To be held

Date / Day Zone Topic Speaker
20/05/2023 Central Zone Full Day Mega Tax Conference,Bhilwara Click Here
27/05/2023 – 29/05/2023 Central Zone National Spiritual Conference,Mount Abu Click Here
17/06/2023 Western,Northern & Eastern Zone One Day Conference,Thane Click Here
21/06/2023 – 22/06/2023 Southern Zone National Tax Conference,Tirupathi Click Here
25/06/2023 Central Zone Full Day Conference,Kota Click Here
30/06/2023 Central Zone National Tax Conference,Raipur Click Here
07/07/2023 – 08/07/2023 Southern Zone National Tax Conference,Chennai Click Here
15/07/2023 – 16/07/2023 Northern Zone National Tax Conference,Amritsar Click Here
04/08/2023 – 05/08/2023 Southern Zone National Tax Conference,Bengaluru Click Here
20/08/2023 Central Zone National Tax Conference,Alwar Click Here
21/08/2023 – 22/08/2023 Western Zone National Tax Conference,Shirdi Click Here
26/08/2023 – 27/08/2023 Eastern Zone National Tax Conference,Rourkela Click Here
02/09/2023 – 03/09/2023 Northern Zone National Tax Conference,Vrindavan Click Here
23/12/2023 – 24/12/2023 Eastern Zone National Convention,Kolkata Click Here

Past Conference & Convention

Sr. No. Date Day Zone Topic Chairman Speaker YouTube Video link PPT / Webinar Material
52 13/05/2023 – 14/05/2023 Saturday Central Zone One Day National Tax Conference,Gaziabad   Click here    
51 06/05/2023 Saturday Western Zone One Day National Tax Conference,Gaziabad   Click here    
50 29/04/2023-30/04/2023 Saturday Western Zone Two Day National Tax Conference with visit to Statute of Unity,Vadodara   Click here    
49 22/04/2023 Saturday Southern Zone One Day Conference, Vishakapatnam   Click here    
48 15/04/2023 Saturday Western Zone One Day Tax Conference, Ahmedabad   Click here    
47 18/03/2023 – 19/03/2023 Saturday Northern Zone Two Day National Tax Conference, Lucknow   Click here    
46 25/02/2023 Saturday Southern Zone One Day Conference, Puducherry   Click Here    
45 25/02/2023 Saturday Northern Zone 78th Foundation Day Celebrations , Varanasi   Click Here    
44 03/02/2023 Friday National Tax Conference, Puri   Click Here    
43 20/01/2023 Friday Eastern Zone National Evaluative Conference On GST, Kolkata   Click Here    
42 06/01/2023 Friday National Tax Conference, New Delhi   Click Here    
41 16/11/2022-18/11/2022 Saturday 25th National Tax Convention 2022, Jaipur   Click Here    
40 26/11/2022 Saturday Northern Zone Kashi Vishwanath Dham Tax Conference 2022, Varanasi   Click Here    
39 12/11/2022 Saturday Western Zone Full Day Conference, Pune   Click Here    
38 12/11/2022 Saturday Central Zone State Level Conference – ABHIGYAAN, Indore   Click Here    
37 12/11/2022 Saturday Eastern Zone Ranchi Tax Conference, Ranchi   Click Here    
36 12/11/2022 Saturday Northern Zone Prerna Direct And Indirect Taxation Conference, Chandigarh   Click Here    
35 1/10/2022-2/10/2022 Saturday & Sunday Western NATIONAL TAX CONFERENCE   Click Here    
34 28/8/2022-2/9/2022 Saturday   International Conference & Study Tour   Click Here    
33 13/8/2022 Saturday Eastern Annual General Meeting followed by One Day Tax Conference        
32 14/08/2022 Sunday Eastern One Day Tax Conference   Click Here    
31 6/08/2022-7/08/2022 Saturday & Sunday Northern National Tax Conference        
30 25/6/2022 Saturday Central Full Day Seminar on Income Tax and GST   Click Here    
29 11/06/2022-12/6/2022 Saturday-
Northern National Tax conference 2022   Click Here    
28 11/6/2022 Saturday   National Executive Committee Meeting        
27 28/5/2022 Saturday Eastern One Day Tax Conference 2022 at Jamshedpur   Click Here    
26 21/5/2022 Saturday Central TAX CONCLAVE- 2022 (Full Day Physical Seminar on Income Tax, GST & Allied Laws)   Click Here  
25 14/5/2022 Saturday Northern One Day Tax Conference at Kanpur   Click Here    
24 30/4/2022 Saturday Western One Day Tax Conference at Surat   Click Here    
23 23/4/2022 Saturday Southern One Day GST Educational Seminar   Click Here    
22 15/4/2022 Friday Eastern One Day Bhubaneswar Tax Conference on 15.4.2022   Click Here    
21 16/3/2022 Wednesday Western Half Day Conference 2021-22   Click Here    
20 11/03/2022-13/3/2022 Friday – Sunday Central Residential Refresher Course 2022   Click Here    
19 26/2/2022-28/2/2022 Saturday – Monday Eastern Two Day National Tax Conference alongwith Gangasagar Darshan on 28th February, 2022   Click Here Day 1 –
Day 2 –
18 18/2/2022-19/2/2022 Friday – Saturday   Taxcon – 2022 [Hybrid Mode]   Click Here   Photos
13 24/12/2021-26/12/2021 Friday – Sunday Northern National Tax Convention 2021, Lucknow   Click Here Photos
12 1/10/2021-3/10/2021 Friday – Sunday Northern National Executive Committee Meeting & National Tax Conference (NZ)   Click Here    
11 8/8/2021-9/8/2021 Sunday -Monday Central Residential Refresher Course 2021   Click Here    
10 13/5/2021-17/5/2021 Thursday-Monday Central AIFTP International Study Tour, 2021   Click Here    
9 10/4/2021-11/4/2021 Saturday & Sunday Eastern National Tax Conference   Click Here    
8 23/2/2021-27/2/2021 Tuesday to Saturday Central Residential Refresher Course 2021   Click Here    
7 20-2-2021 Wednesday & Thursday Northern Finance Bill 2021   Click Here    
6 17/2/2021-18/2/2021 Wednesday & Thursday Western Virtual National Tax Conference    Click Here   Click Here 
5 6/12/2020 Sunday Southern Joint Development Agreements under GST Sri. ML Patodi, Advocate CA S. Venkataramani    
Indian Economy – Need for Structural Reforms Sri. Ganesh Purohit, Senior Advocate Dr. MR Venkatesh, Advocate    
Latest Judicial Pronouncements on Business Income under Income Tax Hon’ble Dr. Justice Anita Sumanth, Judge Sri. KK Chaitanya, Advocate    
Faceless Assessments – e-Appeals under Income Tax Smt. Premlatha Bansal, Senior Advocate Dr. Girish Ahuja    
5/12/2020 Saturday Intricacies in ITC and Place of Supply under GST Sri. PC Joshi, Advocate CA Bimal Jain    
Applicability of Stamp Value Rate to Income Tax Act, 1961 Dr. K Shivaram, Senior Advocate Sri. Kapil Goel, Advocate    
Important Advance Rulings and Judicial Pronouncements Dr. MYK Moorthy, Supreme Court Advocate Sri. Vikram Mankani, Senior Advocate    
4 7/11/ 2020 Saturday Central Virtual National Tax Conference – Day 2 Mr. M. Srinivas Rao, Deputy President AIFTP Chief Guest: Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Finance Minister  
6/11/ 2020 Friday Virtual National Tax Conference – Day 1 Mr. Ganesh Purohit, Sr. Adv.
Mr. M L Patodi, Adv.
Dr. K. Shivram, Sr. Adv.
3 3/10/ 2020 Saturday Northern Virtual National Tax Conference – Day 2 Mrs. Prem Lata Bansal, Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court
Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy, Advocate, Supreme Court
Mr. Ajay Vohra, Senior Advocate, Supreme Cour
CA S. Venkatramani Click Here
(Zip file)
2/10/ 2020 Friday Virtual National Tax Conference – Day 1 Dr. Ashok Saraf, Senior Advocate, Gauhati High Court
Mr. P. C. Joshi, Advocate, Bombay High Court
Dr. Girish Ahuja, FCA, New Delhi
Mr. Tarun Gulati, Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court
2 12 & 13/09/2020 Saturday & Sunday Western Virtual National Tax Conference – Dnyan-Sangam 2020 1. Adv. M. L. Patodi, Kota
2. Adv. P. C. Joshi, Mumbai
3. Sr. Adv. V. Sridharan, Mumbai
4. Sr. Adv. Dr. Ashok Saraf, Guwahati
5. Sr. Adv. Dr. K. Shivaram, Mumbai
1. CA Bimal Jain, New Delhi
2. Adv. P. C. Joshi, Mumbai
3. Sr. Adv. V. Sridharan, Mumbai
4. Sr. Adv. Dr. Ashok Saraf, Guwahati
5. Sr. Adv. Dr. K. Shivaram, Mumbai
Click Here 
(Zip pdf)
1 13-14-15/12/2019 Saturday & Sunday Western 22nd National Convention
Inauguration by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ujjal Bhuyan, Judge, Bombay High Court, and Hon’ble Mr. Justice P. P. Bhat, President ITAT  
E-Assessments – Paving for Pioneering Tax Reforms Dr. K. Shivaram Sr. Advocate, Mumbai Shri Mukesh Patel, Advocate, Ahmedabad  
Power of Arrest and Prosecution under Tax laws Shri Vikram Nankani, Sr. Advocate, Mumbai Shri Rahul Agarwal, Advocate, Allahabad  
Panel Discussions – Shifting of Burden of Proof – Direct & Indirect Tax Moderator: CA. Pradip Kapasi, Mumbai Panellists: Shri V. Sridharan,
Sr. Advocate, Mumbai and
Shri Saurabh Soparkar,
Sr. Advocate, Ahmedabad  
Valuation under GST law with reference to treatment of discounts, price variations, incentives and its implications on Input Tax Credit Shri P. C. Joshi, Advocate, Mumbai CA. Sujata Rangnekar, Mumbai  
Direct Taxes: Dilution of Fundamental Taxation Principles (or deeming provisions) Smt. Prem Lata Bansal, Sr. Adv., New Delhi Shri Hiro Rai, Advocate, Mumbai  
Intricacies of recent amendments under GST (including return) Shri Vinayak Patkar Advocate, Mumbai CA. Umang Talati, Mumbai  
Valedictory session Valedictory session  

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