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The tremendous response being received from the Members of AIFTP throughout India through their participation in the Conference / Seminar/ Webinar is unprecedented. Continuous programmes are being organised by all the Zones and the participation in all these programmes is all time high. This is for the reason also that the communication through social media and updation of records of the AIFTP is going on and because of it more and more Members are getting information of the programmes of AIFTP and joining them.
This year we had made the social media usage a priority with informing the Members about the programmes through the use of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and also making the programmes like on the AIFTP page of face book. In addition, we are using mass mail and sending email to the Members about the programmes and asking them to join it.
We had also taken the task to update the records of AIFTP regarding Members data and are currently updating the records of the Members by sending the information through WhatsApp or using the good offices of the Senior Members of the.....Read More

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