On behalf of all the members of Ranka family, we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for your well wishes, blessings and condolences. We are truly overwhelmed with the support we have received, giving us comfort and peace through this difficult time.

Our beloved and most respected Dr. N. M. Ranka Sb. served society in an utmost dedicated, devoted and honest manner. Reflecting upon his life, we recognize that his philosophy was one that revolved primarily around contribution to society, as he believed that it was his duty to give back to the community that had given so much to him. He shaped the lives of countless youth, students and extended his support to young lawyers and Chartered Accountants; imbibing values of integrity, authenticity and simplicity. Serving the needy and uplifting the downtrodden was a crucial part of his legacy.

Although a great void has been created with his passing, we assure you that we, his future generations, will carry on his legacy. We will miss him dearly, but aspire to honour him by continuing his work. The organization of several Moot Courts, scholarships, educational programs alongside the establishment of statues of Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation) will continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Lets pray the departed soul rest in eternal peace, solace and may Lord give him appropriate place in his laps. We appreciate your warmth and continuous blessing.

Thank you. With Regards, (]. K. Ranka)

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