Series of webinar by AIFTP in 2023

Past Webinars

Sr. No. Date Day Zone Topic Speaker YouTube Video link PPT / Webinar Material
178 April 25, 2024 Thursday Northern Zone Old Taxation Regime v. New Taxation Regime for Individuals and HUFs' - Section 115BAC. Click Here
177 February 25, 2023 Saturday Central Issues in Section 68,69 to 69D & 115BBE  
176 February 24, 2023 Friday Central Reassessment U/S 148A Issues & Way Forward  
175 February 23, 2023 Thursday Central Practical Aspects of Faceless Assessment & Appeals  
174 February 22, 2023 Wednesday Central Important Provisions of Charitable Trust in Light of SC Judgements  
173 February 21, 2023 Tuesday Central Important Issues Relating to TDS & TCS Provisions  
172 February 20, 2023 Monday Central Analysis of Important Amendments in Finance Bill 2023  
171 November 19, 2022 Saturday Eastern Zone One Day Tax Seminar
170 November 11, 2022 Friday Eastern Zone One Day Seminar
169 August 09, 2022 Tuesday Central Tax Audit Under IT act & GST Compliances & CA. Yash Daddha, Jaipur Click Here
168 July 16, 2022 Saturday Central Returns of Unaudited Entities & Upload Return- Important Issues CA Mukesh Khandelwal  
167 July 15, 2022 Friday Central Recent Amendments relating to Charitable Trust CA Rajeev Sogani  
165 July 14, 2022 Thursday Central Important Amendments Relating to TDS & TCS CA Manoj Gupta  
164 July 13, 2022 Wednesday Central Reassessment u/s 148A-Issues and Way Forward CA Jagdish Punjabi  
163 July 12, 2022 Thursday Central Analysis of Provisions of Section 194R & 194S CA Prakash Parwal  
162 July 11, 2022 Monday Central Recent Judgement & Controversies Adv. Kapil Goel  
161 July 9, 2022 Saturday Northern Discussion on 47th GST Council Recommendations and Notifications Thereon Adv. Vineet Bhatia
Adv. Mukul Gupta Click Here
160 May 9-20, 2022   Eastern Advanced GST Certificate Course (Virtual) Click Here    
159 May 14, 2022 Saturday Western Decoding the New Reassessment Regime in light of the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Firoze B. Andhyarujina, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court  
158 May 11, 2022 Wednesday Western Analysis of Recent Judgement of Gujarat High Court for deduction of Land Value more than 1/3rd under GST Laws. Shri Varis Isani, Advocate  
157 May 6, 2022 Friday Central Reassessment u/s. 148 - Impact of Supreme Court Judgement and Way Forward Shri Siddharth Ranka, Advocate  
156 April 28, 2022 Thursday Western Re-Assessment u/s 148A of the Income Tax Act CA Pramod Shingte, Pune    
155 April 27, 2022 Wednesday Western Amendments in Income Tax Act from O1/O4/22 and it's effects CA Salil Limaye, Sangli    
154 April 26, 2022 Tuesday Western How to start business in Partnership or LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Company - It's benefits and drawbacks CA Shirish Kirloskar, Sangli    
153 April 16, 2022 Saturday Western Faceless Assessments & Appeals under Income Tax Act - Advantages and Disadvantages CA Kishor Phadke, Pune    
152 April 13, 2022 Friday Western Understanding the concept of HUF and Tax Planning through HUF CA C. V. Chitale, Pune   Click Here
151 March 04, 2022 Friday Western Issues in Faceless Assessment and Appeal with latest amendment CA Kinjal Bhuta Click Here
150 February 25, 2022 Friday Northern Changes In Trusts & NGOs by Finance Bill,2022 and Taxation of HUFs CA Rajesh Mehta, Indore  
149 February 24, 2022 Thursday Central Digital Assets- Taxation, Investment & Realization Issues
- Direct Taxes
- GST & Indirect Taxes
CA. Rajneesh Singhvi
Adv. Ishaan Patkar
148 February 23, 2022 Wednesday Central Closure of Financial Accounts as on 31st March:
  • Precautions & Issues relating to
    - Direct Taxes
    - GST & Indirect Taxes
    - Accounts, Accounting Standards & Audit
CA. Rajesh Mehta
CA. Sudhir Halakhandi
CA. Anil Mathur
147 February 22, 2022 Tuesday Central New Avenues in Practice-IPR- Importance, Process and
Adv. G.D. Bansal    
146 February 21, 2022 Monday Central Panel Discussions on Alleged Bogus Bills:
  • Views & Implications under
    - Direct Taxes
    - Indirect Taxes/GST
    - Accounting & Audit Issues
CA. Rajeev Sogani
Adv. Sandeep Goyal
CA. Jamuna Shukla
145 February 19, 2022 Saturday Northern Show Cause Notices in GST - Critical Issues Click Here    
144 February 18th, 2022 Friday Central Issues in Faceless Assessment/Appeals in Income Tax CA. Prakash Parwal   Click Here
143 February 17th, 2022 Thursday Central Recent Issues in GST- ITC & SCN Adv. Pankaj Ghiya    
142 February 16th, 2022 Wednesday Central Reassessment under Income Tax- Recent
Adv. Mahendra Gargieya    
141 February 5th, 2022 Saturday Northern Webinar on Budget 2022 CA Sh Ved Jain
CA Adv Dr. Gaurav Gupta
140 February 4th, 2022 Friday Eastern Discussion on Union Budget, 2022 CA Giridhar Dhelia    
139 February 3rd, 2022 Thursday   Union Budget, 2022 Mr. CA. V. Alagappan, FCA, LLB, CISA (US)    
138 February 3rd, 2022 Thursday Western Union Budget, 2022 - In-depth Analysis By Masters in Taxation Click Here    
137 February 2nd, 2022 Wednesday Western Broad Overview on Union Budget, 2022. Click Here
136 February 2nd, 2022 Wednesday Southern Analysis of provisions of Union Budget, 2022. CA Naveen Khariwal
CA Mohd Irshad Ahmed  
135 February 2nd, 2022 Wednesday   Budget, 2022 talk Dr. Girish Ahuja, FCA
134 February 1st, 2022 Tuesday Central Virtual Talk on Union Budget 2022 Direct Tax
Sh. V.P. Gupta, Advocate
Sh. Anil Mathur, CA
Indirect Tax
Sh. Pankaj Ghiya Advocate, Dy. President AIFTP. Click Here
Click Here
133 January 29, 2022 Saturday Western Webinar on GST and Income Tax CA Bimal Jain, Delhi
CA Aanchal Kapoor, Amritsar
CA Lalit Tambi, Amravati
132 January 27, 2022 Thursday Southern An update on GST amendments from 1st January, 2022 Sri. G Natarajan, Advocate, Chennai.  Click Here
131 January 24, 2022 Monday Western Webinar on GSTR 9 & 9C & Recent Amendments under GST Speaker : CA Yash Dhadda, Jaipur
Moderator : CA Krunal Davda, Thane Click Here
130 23rd January, 2022 Sunday Eastern Latest Updates in GST and the burning issues on ITC under GST Chief Guest: Adv. Sri D.V.Parhy,Patna

Guest Speaker: Dy.President of AIFTP Adv.Sri Pankaj Ghiya  
129 17th January, 2022 Monday Western Latest Updates in GST and the burning issues on ITC under GST Adv. Samir Sidhdhapuria, Gujarat High Court    
128 14th August, 2021 Saturday Eastern Cash TRANSACTIONS- in context of Income Tax ACT. Speaker: CA R.S.KALRA, JALANDHAR
Chief Guest: Sr. Adv.A.K.Rastogi    
127 18th July, 2021 Saturday Eastern Patna Tax Webinar on Interactive & Demonstrative Session on New Income Tax Portal CA Deepak Bhholusaria, New Delhi   
126 17th July, 2021 Saturday Eastern Webinar on Rourkela Tax Bar Association (RTBA) CA Rohini Aggarawal  
125 1st July, 2021 Thursday  Western GST - The journey so far and ahead CA Bimal Jain, Shri. Pankaj Ghiya, Advocate, CMA B. Mallikarjuna Gupta  
124 14-17 and 19 June 2021 Tuesday-
Thursday &
Western 5 Days Webinar on GST in Gujarati Click Here   Click Here
123 6-8/6/2021 Sunday-Tuesday   Webinar (virtual meet) on Avoiding Common Procedural Errors in GST Click Here    
122 27/3/2021 Saturday Northern Half-Day Seminar with Kavi Sammelan & Cultural Evening Dr.Naveen Rattan, CA Rajesh Mehta  
121 13-14/3/2021 Saturday & Sunday Central 1. Reply to the Notices under GST
2. Preparation, approach to presentation before GST Authorities
1. Shri. Deepak Bapat, Advocate
2. CA Jatin Christoper, Bengaluru
  Click Here
120 13/3/2021 Saturday Central Seminar on Direct Tax and GST Adv. Pankaj Ghiya
CA Rajesh Mehta
CA Shashikant Chandrakar
119 7/3/2021 Sunday   6th Lecture of Dr. N. M. Ranka Memorial Monthly Lecture. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vineet kothari, Judge, Gujarat High Court
118 6/2/2021 Friday   Half Day (Physical) seminar on Finance Bill 2021 CA Ganesh Prabhu Balakumar    
117 5/2/2021 Friday Northern Seminar on Union Budget, 2021 Click Here    
116 3/2/2021 Tuesday Northern Union Budget, 2021 - Analysis of Economy and Indirect Taxes Proposals CA Raghunath Aakasam, Hyderabad  
Indirect Taxes Proposals CA Aanchal Kapoor, Amritsar Click Here
115 2/2/2021 Tuesday Northern Webinar on Union Budget, 2021 Jointly with Sales Tax Bar Association CA Dr Girish Ahuja    
114 1/2/2021 Monday Central Webinar on Union Budget 2021 CA Prakash Parwal*
CA Rajeev Sogani* Click Here
113 25/1/2021 Monday   Special virtual event by hosting a sangeet samaroh with group of singers from Indore with patriotic songs      
112 16/1/2021 Saturday   Birth Centenary Celebration of Padmavibhusan late Dr. Nani A. Palkhivala, Sr. adv Click Here    
111 3/1/2021 Sunday Southern Webinar on Latest issues in GST QRMP - Notification No: 94/2020 Click Here    


110 18/12/2020 Friday Northern Gyan Jyoti & Liberation Series Webinar - New Returns in GST Sh. Gaurav Gupta, adv    
109 18/10/2020 Sunday Northern Gyan Jyoti & Liberation Series Webinar on GSTR-9 & 9C Ms. Aanchal Kapoor, CA
Sh. Sunil Maheshwari, Advocate Click Here
108 17/10/2020 Saturday Southern Capital Gains issues in Joint Development Agreements - Income Tax CA Rama Subramanyam, Bengaluru
Sri. G Basker, Advocate, Chennai
107 11/10/2020 Sunday Northern Gyan Jyoti & Liberation Series Webinar on New TCS Provisions Sh. Rajesh Mehta CA
Sh. DK Gandhi, Advocate Click Here
106 10/10/2020 Saturday Southern Audit in GST - Intricacies Sri. V Srinivasa Rao
Sri. S Suresh Kumar
105 30/09/2020 Wednesday Eastern Faceless Assessment and* *Appeals under Income Tax* *Act* Dr. Girish Ahuja Delhi  
104 26/09/2020 Saturday Northern • Annual Return Concept, Preparation and Filing with Practical Apprach Mr. Anuj Bansal, Advocate    
103 26/09/2020 Saturday Western Felicitation Programme and Technical Session on Challenges and Critical Issues in GSTR 9 and 9C CA Aditya Khandelwal    
102 26/09/2020 Saturday Eastern Works Contract in VAT and GST Regime Mr. P. Purushotham, Advocate Chennai  
101 20/09/2020 Sunday Northern
  • Returns, and Rectifications
  • Claiming of ITC
  • Provisions of TDS and TCS
Mr. Suresh Agrawal, Advocate Click Here
100 19/09/2020 Saturday Northern
  • Refunds Law
  • Practical Approach to claim Refunds
Mr. Sandeep Goyal, Advocate  
99 15/09/2020 Tuesday Northern Valuations: Aspects of Valuation of Supply, Debit & Credit Notes and Discounts CA Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Co-chairman – PHD Chamber of Commerce    
98 14/09/2020 Monday Northern
  • Input Tax Credit – Eligibility & Restrictions
  • ITC on Job Work Transactions
  • Distribution of Credit by ISD
CA Puneet Aggarwal, Advocate    
97 06/09/2020 Sunday Northern
  • Place of Supply of Goods
  • Place of Supply of Services
  • In respect of Domestic and International transactions
Mr. Vineet Bhatia, Advocate  
96 05/09/2020 Saturday Northern
  • Time of Supply – Its meaning and Importance
  • Inter state and Intra state Supply
  • Time of Issue of Invoices
  • Change in Rates of Taxes
CA Rajender Arora  
95 30/08/2020 Sunday Northern
  • Scope of Supply with Schedule I, II & III
  • Composite and Mixed Supply
Mr. Mukul Gupta, Advocate  
94 29/08/2020 Saturday Northern Hazards and Remedies in Enforcement Proceedings under GST Sh. Uchit Seth, Advocate,
Sh. S Venkat Ramani,
Sh. Pankaj Ghiya, Advocate,
Sh. J .K . Mittal, Advocate  
93 29/08/2020 Saturday Northern
  • Concept of Levy
  • Composition Scheme - for Trade, Manufacturing and Services – Its Benefits
    and Restrictions
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
CA Dharmendra Srivastava  
92 25/08/2020 Tuesday Northern
  • Introduction to GST with Constitutional Amendment
  • Constitution and Functioning of GST Council & GSTN
Mr. Sujit Ghosh, Advocate  
91 23/08/2020 Sunday Northern FACELESS SCRUTINY & APPEAL Mr. Rajesh Mehta, CA
Click Here
90 23/08/2020 Sunday Central Queries and Panel Discussion -
89 22/08/2020 Saturday Central Practical Aspects of RCM, TDS, TCS Ms. Shaifaly Girdharwal, CA, Delhi  
88 21/08/2020  Friday Central Practical Aspects of Supply Including Time, Place & Valuation of Supply Mr. Puneet Agrawal, Advocate, Delhi  
87 20/08/2020 Thursday Central Recent AAR & Practical Aspect of AAR Decisions Mrs. Nikita Badekha, Advocate, Mumbai.,  President AIFTP  Click Here
86 19/08/2020 Wednesday Central Practical Aspects of Input Tax Credit Mr. Arpit Haldia, CA Jodhpur Click Here
85 18/8/2020 Tuesday Central Practical Aspects of GST Returns & Audit Mr. S. Venkatramni, CA, Banglore Click Here
84 17/8/2020 Monday Central Recent Writs, Filing of Reply & Judicial Decisions Sh Pankaj Ghiya  
83 16/8/2020 Sunday Northern Provisions of Clubbing / Set off and Carry Forward of Losses under Income Tax Act Hon'ble CA (Dr.) Girish Ahuja  
82 9/8/2020 Sunday Southern GST - Practical Questions and Answers CA Unnikrishnan M, Trivandrum.
CA Sriram K, Hyderabad.
81 8/8/2020 Saturday Southern Cash Transactions under Income Tax Act, 1961 CA Deepabali Das, Tumakuru   Click Here
80 31-7 & 1 - 2/8/2020 Friday, Saturday & Sunday Eastern Real Estate Virtual Summit 2020 on the theme "Real Estate- Footprints for Future" -    
79 26/7/2020 Sunday Central How to handle Income tax Survey Search & Seizure. Adv. Narayan P. Jain. Kolkata Click Here
78 25/7/2020 Saturday Central Non Resident Taxation & FEMA CA Paresh Shah, Mumbai  
77 25/7/2020 Saturday Southern Virtual Webinar through CISCO WEBEX application CA Hetal N Shah, Bengaluru
CA Bharat Sachdev, Mumbai
  Click Here
Click Here
76 24/7/2020 Friday Central Taxation of Capital Gains under Income Tax : An analysis. CA Rajesh Mehta, Indore Click Here
75 23/7/2020 Thursday  Central Penalty u/s 270A : Under reporting and Misreporting of Income CA. Dhinal Shah, Ahmedabad Click Here
74 22/7/2020 Wednesday Central Important Issues in Reassessment CA Ajay R. Singh, Mumbai Click Here
73 21/7/2020 Tuesday Central Practical Aspect of filing form 35 & 36 & Appearance before CIT APPEALS & ITAT Adv. V.P. Gupta, Delhi Click Here
72 20/7/2020 Monday Central Revision of Orders U/s 263 and 264 of Act- Critical Issues Adv. Kapil Goel. Delhi Click Here
71 1/7/2020 Wednesday Southern InstaGST Web App CA Annapurna Srikanth
CA Roopa Venkatesh
Will be uploaded in due course  
70 21/6/2020 Sunday Western Lessons we learned from COVID 19 Pujya Gnanvatsal Swami
BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha  
69 14/6/2020 Sunday Western Principles of Natural Justice as Applicable to Tax Proceedings and Writs in Taxation. Adv. Manish J Shah, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
68 13/6/2020 Saturday Western Interplay between Income Tax Act and Black Money`s Act, Money Laundering, Benami Transactions Act. Hon`ble Ms. Justice Harshaben Devani, Ahmedabad  
67 10/6/2020 Wednesday Western Search and Seizure under GST, impact of Contravention under Customs Act Shri Pankaj Ghiya, Adv. Click Here
66 7/6/2020 Sunday Eastern Tips on health issues post COVID-19 and allied matters. Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Will be uploaded in due course  
65 6/6/2020 Saturday Eastern Three years of GST - From landmark rulings to virtual courts Abhishek A Rastogi  
64 6/6/2020 Saturday Western Issues in Export (including deemed export) of Goods & Refund under GST Rahul Thakar, Adv.  
63 4/6/2020 Thursday Western Intricate Issues in Job works under GST Shri Kuntal Parekh, Adv.  
62 2/6/2020 Tuesday Western Intricate Issues in Composition Scheme and RCM Under GST CA. Pranav Kapadia  
61 1/6/2020 Monday Western Critical aspects of Assessment, Demand & Recovery under GST CA. Ashit Shah  
60 31/5/2020 Sunday Southern Demands and Recoveries Under GST Sri. Raghava Ramabadran, Advocate, Chennai. Will be uploaded in due course Click Here 
59 31/5/2020 Sunday Central Webinar with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker
58 30/5/2020 Saturday Western Intricate issues in Classification and rate of tax under GST Shri Uchit Sheth, Adv.  
57 30/5/2020 Saturday Southern TDS - Practical Issues and Resolution under Income-Tax CA D.R. Venkatesh, Bengaluru. Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
56 28/5/2020 Thursday Western Important aspects of Refund in case of inverted Tax Structure under GST CA. Abhay Desai, Vadodara  
55 27/5/2020 Wednesday Western Intricate Issues Relating to ITC in relation to Rule 36(4), 42 & 43 under GST Shri Parth Badheka, Adv.  
54 25/5/2020 Monday Southern Interplay between Sections 56(2)(x), 50C, 54F and 43CA of
Income-Tax Act, 1961
CA Suresh T G, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
53 25/5/2020 Monday Western Intricate issues in Place of Supply Adv. Ishaan Patkar  
52 23/5/2020 Saturday Western Effect of lockdown & Aftermath of GST CA Aditya Surte  
51 23/5/2020 Saturday Southern Analysis of applicability of GST on Joint Development Agreements CA Venugopal G, Bengaluru Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
50 17/5/2020 Sunday Southern Critical issues and resolutions - GST Refunds CA V S Sudhir, Hyderabad Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
49 16/5/2020 Saturday Western Levy of Penalty : New Turf - New Rules Samir N. Divetia, Advocate Gujarat HC Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
48 16/5/2020 Saturday Southern Burden of Proof in Income Tax Proceedings - Law and Practise Mrs. Muthu Abirami, Advocate, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
47 11/5/2020 Monday Southern Critical analysis of 115 BBE with ref. to Demonitaisation under Income Tax Act, followed by question answers Sri. Kapil Goel, Advocate
Click Here
(Zip file)
46 10/5/2020 Sunday Southern Practical issues in Schedule I and II of GST Act CA. Jatin Christopher A- Bangalore Will be uploaded in due course  
45 4/5/2020 Monday AIFTP, GSTPAM, STTBA Payment of Salaries and wages during lock down period ADV Ashok Shetty-Bombay High Court Click Here
44 4/5/2020 Monday Northern Important issues in GST CA. Ashok K. Batra Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
43 3/5/2020 Sunday Central Computation of Income under Income Tax Act in light of Income Computation & Disclosure Standards (ICDS) CA. Manoj Fadnis  
42 3/5/2020 Sunday Northern Reopening of Assessment Dr. Rakesh Gupta Will be uploaded in due course  
41 2/5/2020 Saturday Central How to Manage Stress in Personal & Professional Life by Sprituality Sister BK Shivani  
40 2/5/2020 Saturday Southern Assessment Procedures under Income Tax Act CA. Suresh Kumar Will be uploaded in due course  
39 1/5/2020 Friday Central Recent Amendments relating to Charitable Trust and Institution CA. Himanshu Goyal, Jaipur Click Here
38 1/5/2020 Friday Northern Taxation of Penny Stock Mr. Kapil Goel, Adv., New Delhi Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
37 30/4/2020 Thursday Central Scope of Supply under GST CA. Rajender Arora, New Delhi Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
36 30/4/2020 Thursday Western Amendments in Trust Provisions under Income Tax Act Mr. Varis Isani Click Here
35 29/4/2020 Wednesday Central Issues in Reassessment under Income Tax CA. Rajesh B. Doshi, Raipur Click Here
34 29/4/2020 Wednesday Western Controversial issues on ITC - Part 2 CA. Abhay Desai, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
33 28/4/2020 Tuesday Central Taxability of Joint Development Agreement under GST CA. Manoj Nahata, Guwahati Click Here
32 28/4/2020 Tuesday Southern GST - Place of Supply of Services Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course  
31 27/4/2020 Monday Central Income Tax - Aspect of Income from other sources CA. (Ms.) Jamuna Shukla, Varanasi Click Here
30 27/4/2020 Monday Western Issues in Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST Mr. Uchit Sheth, Adv,, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
29 26/4/2020 Sunday Central Input Tax Credit & Arrest Provisions Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
28 26/4/2020 Sunday Northern Succession Planning and HUF Dr. Girish Ahuja, New Delhi    
27 25/4/2020 Saturday Central Intellectaul Propety Rights Mr. G. D. Bansal, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
26 25/4/2020 Saturday Southern Amendments in Direct Taxes through Finance Act, 2020 CA. Navin Khariwal, Bengaluru Will be uploaded in due course  
25 24/4/2020 Friday Central Issues relating to Vivad se Vishwas Scheme Mr. Mahendra Gargieya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
24 24/4/2020 Friday Western Some new insights into Personal Tax and Investment Planning Mr. Mukesh Patel, Sr. Adv., Ahmedabad  
23 23/4/2020 Thursday Central Aspects of Valuation in GST CA. H. L. Madan, New Delhi Click Here
22 23/4/2020 Thursday Western Controversial issues on ITC - Part 1 CA. Abhay Desai, Ahmedabad Click Here
21 22/4/2020 Wednesday Central Capital Gain - Basic Concept & Recent Development under Income Tax Act CA. Rajesh Mehta, Indore Click Here
20 21/4/2020 Tuesday Central RERA recent aspects CA. Sanjay Ghiya, Jaipur Click Here
19 21/4/2020 Tuesday Head Office Penalty under Income Tax Act Mrs. Prem Lata Bansal, Sr. Adv., New Delhi  
18 20/4/2020 Monday Central Approach towards Additions after Demonatisation in light of section 68, 6, 69A, 69B, 69C, 69D Mr. V. P. Gupta, Adv., New Delhi  
17 19/4/2020 Sunday Central Force Majeure - Meaning, Effect of Agreement, Way Forward Mr. Rajiv Shankar Dwivedi, Adv., New Delhi Click Here
16 19/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Myths about Covid-19, Tips to stay healthy Dr. Pratit Samdani  
15       Session II - How to spot and avoid fake Whatapp Messages CA. Dinesh Tejwani  
14 19/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Session I - "Cyber Securities and Protecting Client's Data" CA. Pranay Kochar  
13 18/4/2020 Saturday Southern GST on works Contract,Government Contracts, Subcontract Mr. Bimal Jain, Adv., New Delhi  
12 18/4/2020 Saturday Central Notices, Summons and Arest under GST Act Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
11 17/4/2020 Friday Central Import Aspects in Notices issued under section 131, 133(6), 148, 143(2), 263, 154 & 153C Mr. Siddharth Ranka, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
10 17/4/2020 Friday Head Office Records to be verified for GST Audit - An Overview CA. Siddeshwar Yelamali, Bengaluru Click Here
9 16/4/2020 Thursday Central Recent Changes in Companies Act and IBC CA. Anil Mathur, Jaipur Click Here
8 15/4/2020 Wednesday Central Recent Issues under GST CA. S. Venkataramani, Bengaluru Click Here
7 14/4/2020 Tuesday Central Input Tax Credit Law and Controversial issues under GST Act Mr. Mukul Gupta, Adv., Ghaziabad Click Here
6 14/4/2020 Tuesday Head Office Intricacies of Sec. 115BBE Mr. V. P. Gupta, Adv., New Delhi   Click Here
5 13/4/2020 Monday Head Office "Tools for Work from Home" for a Tax Practitioners CA. Jigar Shah,  
4 12/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Board Outline of "Vivad Se Vishwa Scheme" with Qs & As Mr. Vipul B. Joshi, Mumbai  
3 7/4/2020 Tuesday Eastern Zone Penalty under section 270A and newly introduced penalty by the Finance Act 2020 u/s. 271AAD Subash Agarwal Not Available  
2 7/4/2020 Tuesday Western Demonetisation Addition u/s 68 & 69 and tax u/s 115BBE CA Palak Pawaghadi, Ahmedabad Click Here
1 6/4/2020 Monday Head Office Recent Amendments & E-Invoicing Under GST Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Not Available  
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