Source: Souvenir-(AIFTP & ITAT Bar Association)-2009

Honourable Dr. S. Radhakrishan, Chairman, Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal

“Nani Palkhivala was a legend in taxation and Constitutional Law. It is really befitting to hold the only National Tax Moot Court in our country in the memory of the great legal luminary”

Honourable Justice Mr. Vijay Daga, High Court at Mumbai

“Moot Courts are a very good exercise which students can do to improve their legal knowledge. It is of primary importance to prepare and train them for proper and successful career in the Court. It gives an opportunity to think on the spot, speak without notes and develop self confidence and intellectual flexibility. Moot courts highlight the importance of practical aspects of a would be lawyer’s life – to establish links between theory and practice”

Honourable Shri D. Manmohan Vice-President, ITAT (Mumbai Zone)

“From its inception the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal has had the privilege of participating in the noble cause, of helping the law students ton have a hands -on experience of functioning of the Courts and Tribunals, by acting as Judges in the preliminary rounds of Moot Courts and also by providing the Court halls of the ITAT”

A few words on the Legend…

“The height of eloquence to which Mr. Palkhivala rose today has seldom been equalled and has never been surpassed in the history of the Supreme Court”.

– Hon’ble Mr. Justice H. R. Khanna,
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India
in his memoirs after the landmark Keshavnanda Bharti Case

How do you most fondly remember Mr. Nani Palkhivala?

Nani Palhkhivala, to me, was a very dear and valuable friend who would give wholesome advice, even if unpalatable, when the occasion arose.

My fondest memory with him was when he came to my chamber for a meeting of the Veda Rakhshana Samiti Trust meeting in a wheel chair, held my hands tightly, hugged me and shed tears of joy uttering that he was immeasurably proud of my report and that my father had produced a worthy son.

– Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. N. Srikrishna,
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

“Genius with a human face. A man whom Kipling had in mind when he wrote “If”

– Shri Harish Salve,
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

What is the one thing that Nani Palkhivala will be most remembered for?

Nani Palkhivala was a man with phenomenal mental capacity. His faith in the Constitution of India was unconditional. Inspite of his great mind and his brilliant oratory, his courteous and humble nature always stood out. His contribution towards developing Constitutional Law in India is immeasurable.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sam Variava
Former Judge,
Supreme Court of India

What in your opinion was Nani Palkhivala’s most significant contribution to the country?

His impassioned forensic plea before the Special Bench of the Supreme Court constituted to review the Basic Structure of Constitution theory, which resulted in the ignominious disbanding of the Special Bench on the third day and kept the lamp of freedom burning in the country.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. N. Srikrishna
Former Judge,
Supreme Court of India

“A rare combination of humility, sensitivity, genius and integrity – all rolled up in one person.”

Shri Harish Salve,
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

It is difficult to enumerate the virtues of the genius. I would rate his capacity

Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. C. Daga, Judge, Bombay High Court releasing the souvenir.

Dignitaries on Dais – Seen from Left to Right : Prof. Sanjay Kadam, Chairman, Moot Court Association, GLC, Mrs. Nikita R. Badheka, Chairperson, AIFTP (WZ), Mr. Dinesh Vyas, President, ITAT Bar Association, Hon’ble Mr. Justice J. H. Bhatia, Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. S. Mohite & Hon’ble Mr. Justice S. J. Kathawalla, Judges, Bombay High Court, Dr. K. Shivaram, Chairman, Palkhivala Foundation and Research Committee, Mr. P. K. Mokal, Principal, Government Law College and Mr. Pranay Aggarwal, Secretary General, Moot Court Association, GLC.

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