First time in the history of the ITAT, a full court welcome reference of Honourable Justice Mr. P. P. Bhatt, taking over as President, ITAT, on 24th October, 2018, at 10:30 AM, was held in Court Room No. 1 in the presence of the members of the profession and the Department Representatives:

Honourable Vice-president Mr. G. S. Pannu welcomed the Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt and the Vice-Presidents and Members of the ITAT and their family members, the members of the Bar and other professionals.

Hon’ble Mr. G. D. Agarwal, Vice-president, introduced Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt. While doing so, honourable Vice-president mentioned that the honourable Justice Mr. P. P. Bhatt was born on 6th September, 1956. He had primary education in different districts of Gujarat. Graduated in Arts faculty with Political Science from H. K. Arts College, Ahmedabad and obtained degree of Law from Sir L.A. Shah Law College, Ahmedabad affiliated to Gujarat University. Enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Gujarat and started practice in the High Court of Gujarat in 1984.

Honourable Vice-president Shri G. D. Agarwal also mentioned about the display of strenuous efforts by the Honourable justice in extending the working hours till 10 in the night for 10 to 12 consecutive days, in the process of protecting and upholding social justice.

After the introduction of Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt, honourable Shri G. D. Agarwal handed over the charge where a formal ceremony of the oath taking process was conducted where the Honourable Justice signed on the papers signifying the taking of oath.

Thereafter Shri A. A. Shankar, Principle Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, Mumbai, spoke a few words where he extended a warm welcome to the President, Members and the professionals.

Shri Sushil Kumar Poddar, Commissioner – DR, promised that the department would extend their complete and immense help in reduction of litigation and disposal of pending appeals.

Ms. Arati Vissanji, President of Tax Bar Association, Mumbai, on the occasion of Oath Taking Ceremony, expressed her pleasure in regards to the appointment of Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt as the President of the ITAT.

CA. Dinal Shah, Member of Central Counsel of ICAI, welcomed the President and assured that the Institute of Chartered Accountants would give absolute support and help the Honourable President in any manner required.

The Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt addressed the gathering where he appealed to all to extend co-operation in disposal of cases, including old cases which are pending since more than five years. The honourable Justice Mr. P. P. Bhatt further mentioned that necessary steps for filling-up vacancies, if any, in ITAT at various levels will be undertaken.

Honourable Vice-president, Mr. R. S. Syal thanked everyone present for the warm welcome of the Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt.

The meeting was followed by High Tea, which was hosted by the ITAT, wherein the Members of Bar and the departmental representatives also attended.

A felicitation dinner was arranged by the ITAT Bar Association of Mumbai, in honour of Honourable Mr. Justice P. P. Bhatt on being appointed as the President of the ITAT and also in honour of the newly appointed Vice-Presidents.

A large number of professional attended the function and the Honourable President and the Vice-presidents were felicitated by handing over the bouquet by the Lady-members of the Bar Association.

Shri Y. P. Trivedi, Senior Advocate and the Past-President of the Bar Association conducted the felicitation function.

On behalf of AIFTP, we wish the Honourable President and the honourable Vice-Presidents all the best in their endeavours.

Ganesh N. Purohit
National President

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