President’s Communique

Pankaj Ghiya, Advocate


Its indeed a pleasure for me to inform that during the period 1st Jan., 2023 to 30 June, 2023 AIFTP has successfully organized 84 programmes throughout the Country. In all Zones the events had been organized and it is really remarkable to see that during the first 6 months of the 2023 tenure we had been able to activate all Zones and organized the events. It was a pleasure for me also as in all the physical events organized throughout the Country, I had been personally present and attended the same along with our Secretary General and Team.

In the events organized by the AIFTP we had received the blessing and presence of Hon’ble Supreme Court Judges, Chief Justice and Judges, Industrialist, Academicians and other important personalities. We had also seen the presence of the Departmental Officials in the Meetings / Conferences.

This year we had come out with the quarterly report of the activities and now we had released the Half-Yearly Report of the activities of AIFTP covering all 84 events with their details and photographs in brief. We had also incorporated / narrated the forthcoming events and giving the details of the office bearers etc. This e-publication is also available on the website of AIFTP and it should be seen and saved by all of us. The motivation and inspiration for organizing the programmes comes from the active participation of the Members and it is really remarkable that during the first half of 2023 we had been able to meet so many members and also able to enrol more than 220 new Members.

Friends, the month of June started with a seminar organized by AIFTP (SZ) at Khammam on 03.06.2023. It was organized on the topics of GST and Income Tax and was attended by large number of Members.

The International Study Tour of AIFTP to Vietnam was a grand success and it was organized from 2nd – 10th June, 2023. The credit goes to Mr. Santosh Gupta, Chairman, International Study Tour Committee and Mr. Nitin Gautam, Convenor, IST Committee and all the team Members. It was attended by over 90 participants.

Thereafter, we had a programme at Agra by AIFTP (NZ) on 11.06.2023 as the part of their CSR activity we also had webinar on 08.06.2023 and a webinar by AIFTP (SZ) on 14.06.2023 on Settlement Commission. Webinar was also organized by AIFTP (CZ) on 15.06.2023 on Mastering error free Income Tax Returns.

A grand event was organized by AIFTP (WZ) along with other associations at Thane. It was attended by over 250 participants and was also jointly organized by AIFTP (NZ) and (EZ). The credit goes Mr. Vijay Kewalramani for the wonderful event. Special thanks to Mr. Girish Rathi, Mr. Ashwin Acharya, Mr. Bharat Sachdeva and other who were instrumental in organizing this grand event.

A newsletter on Allied Laws was released on 21.06.2023. The credit goes to Mr. Sanjay Ghiya, Chairman, Allied Laws Committee and Mr. A. K. Srivastava, Convenor for the effort.

We had a dream or organizing NEC and NTC at Tirupati. The same was done on 23rd and 24th June, 2023. The NEC was organized at Tirumala on 23rd June, 2023 and the NTC was inaugurated at Tirupati at Hotel Bliss on 23rd and the same continued till 24th June, 2023. The AIFTP(SZ) has done wonders in organizing this grand event. Mr. Bhaskar, Chairman, Southern Zone deserves all credit for organizing this great and Mega event. My special thanks to Shri M. Srinivasa Rao, Past President who organized all the Darshans at Tirupati/ Tirumala and also sponsored all the Darshan amounts. He was the man behind the scene in organizing this event at Tirupati. My special thanks to him.

On 24th June, 2023 AIFTP (CZ) organized a mega Conference at Kota with Kota Tax Bar Association and RTCA. It was attended by over 180 delegates. The main speakers were Dr. K. Shivaram, Past President, AIFTP. Mr. Abhay Desai was the Speaker on GST. Special thanks to the Past President, AIFTP, Shri M. L. Patodi for organizing this event. Also thanks to Sh. Milind Vijaywargiya in Co- ordinating and organizing this event.

AIFTP(CZ) again organized a Mega Tax Conference on 30.06.2023 at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. It was a Mega Conference with attendance of over 150 delegates. It was jointly organized with CG Income Tax Bar Association, ITBA Raipur and Raipur Branch of CIRC of ICAI. It was a grand success and special thanks to Sh. Rajesh B. Doshi for organizing this event. In Chhattisgarh it was one of the largest Mega Event in recent times. Mr. Prashanth was the key note speaker on Income Tax and Mr. Mukul Gupta was the key note speaker on GST. Ms. Nikita Badheka, Past President, AIFTP was the Chairman of GST Session and Mr. Sumit Nema, Senior Advocate was the Chairman in Income Tax Session.

AIFTP (WZ) organized a two day conference with other Associations on 30.06.2023 and 01.07.2023 at Parbhani in Maharashtra it was organized jointly with other Associations.

Friends, in the month of July we had many more events and all details of the forthcoming events is mentioned on the website and in the AIFTP Times and also circulated through WhatsApp. We request all Members to attend the forthcoming seminars / Conferences at Chennai, Amritsar and Siliguri. The details are mentioned in the Journal also.

Friends, we have seen that the information of the Members is incomplete and therefore we are working on updating our records and the Directory. We are getting the data’s from the Members by calling them and we had also devised way and sending mail directly to Members with their Data to verify the same. Support is requested from the Members to see the mail and to verify the Data, so that we may be in regular touch with you.

We look forward to active participation of the Members and also request. In case Members are having suggestions then the same may kindly be informed by sending mail at [email protected] or WhatsApp to the undersigned.


Pankaj Ghiya

National President