The Journey of AIFTP is going strong and every weekend we are having a Conference / Seminar/ RRC in different parts of India. It is really remarkable that programmes has been finalized for the complete year till December, 2023 and in all the Zones the programmes are happening. Every weekend we are having some activity in different Zone and the new places are being prioritised and efforts are being made to organize programmes out in the new places. The result is that many Professionals are joining AIFTP and the knowledge is being shared to large numbers of Tax Professionals throughout India.

As already communicated in the last message the website of AIFTP i.e. has been revamped and it covers details of all the programmes happening and also the photo gallery of all the past programmes held in this year. Apart from it the regular functions like new Membership, Journal subscription etc. has been made easy and it can be easily done on the website. We request all Members to visit the website regularly for the latest information and also for regular updates. We also request Members to follow the twitter handle of AIFTP i.e. AIFTPINDIA and the Facebook page of AIFTP i.e. so that the latest information also immediately comes to you.

Many changes are being made in the Tax Laws and continuous updation is necessary for it. We are sending mails to all the Members with collaboration of Taxmann informing the latest amendments and judicial decisions. Sometimes the amendments are having far reaching effects and the same needs discussions and to benefit all the Members throughout India we are also organizing webinars.

Recent decisions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Direct Tax Laws particularly on the aspect of Section 148 and the rejection of SLP in the case of Salil Gulati decision arising from the favourable decision from Delhi High Court and then grant of stay on the judgement of the Allahabad High Court will have far reaching impact. In case of GST though some beneficial notification granting some relief has been issued particularly for the revocation of the cancelled Registration certificate but the demand of all the Professionals regarding a general Amnesty is still pending.

The Lucknow NTC & NEC was superb and was fantastically organized by team Lucknow and AIFTP North Zone. Credit goes to team Lucknow lead by Mr. K.K. Dixit, Mr. Nipendra Singh, Mr. R.N. Shukla and other Members and the AIFTP North Zone team lead by Mr. O.P. Shukla and others. We also had a wonderful RRC at Shimla being coordinated and organized by Mr. Sandeep Goyal and his team from Chandigarh. It was a wonderful experience to be at Shimla in RRC. May be it was first time that a programme like RRC has been organised in Himachal Pradesh. It was again the hospitality and the warmth that won the hearts of all. Credit also goes to the Chairman, AIFTP Northern Zone Sh. O. P. Shukla, Dr. Naveen Ratan.

The RRC organized at Chitrakoot by AIFTP Central Zone was a unique event. It was attended by more then 150 delegates from all over India and it was a three day event. All delegates were picked from Prayagraj and thereafter taken to Chitrakoot. The religious atmosphere and the place was amazing. The Speakers Mr. Sumit Nema, Senior Advocate, Indore and Mr. Vikram Gogra, Advocate, Jaipur delivered talk on Income Tax and GST. Credit for this amazing event and for all coordination goes to Mr. Arvind Mishra, Mr. Jitendra Mishra, Mr. Vijaykant Mishra and their team. The efforts of the Central Zone Chairman Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Mr. Laxman Kashyap and all others have to be appreciated. It was a programme where all the delegates were asking for a repeat programme of this nature.

Friends, many programmes are planned in April and onwards. We request that you visit the website for it. On 15th of April we are having programme at Ahmadabad by Western Zone. Thereafter we are having Conference on 22nd April at Vizag by Southern Zone. We are also having NTC & NEC at Kevadiya on 28th – 30th April, 2023. Request all the Members to join the programmes in large numbers.

We look forward to active participation of the Members and also request Members to update their data on the website using the online facility. Individual mail are also being sent to Members to upload their data. In case Members are having suggestions then the same may kindly be informed by sending mail at [email protected] or WhatsApp to the undersigned.


Pankaj Ghiya

National President