On behalf of AIFTP I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. This is my last communique as the National President as from 1st January, 2024 the New National President of AIFTP will take over. It has been a wonderful year and I was fortunate to receive the active support and participation of all the Members and because of it was able to organize large number of NTC / Seminars / Webinars / Conferences / CSR Activity and other functions including the two International Study Tour to Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

All the activities during the year 2023 has been because of the guidance and friendship and in the Zeal to work for the AIFTP by the Members and I am glad to state that during 2023 we had been able to organise more than 130 programmes in addition to Independence Day celebration on 15th August, 2023 at more than 165 places and Foundation Day Celebration on 11th November, 2023 at more than 65 places. The total programmes had exceeded to over 350 programmes. In addition to it we had able to make 500+ Members during the year 2023 and we had able to reach over 5000+ members in view of the massive participation in all the functions of AIFTP by the Members of all Zones.

The National Convention will be held at Kolkata on 22nd – 24th December, 2023, I request to all to join it in large numbers.

The start of the Foundation Day Celebration was made with Seminar in the Southern Zone and thereafter a Grand National Tax Conference and NEC was organised at Varanasi by the Northern Zone. It was a really memorable time at Varanasi as the NEC and NTC was organised in the corridors of the Kashi Temple. On the first day, the Rudra Abhishek was organised at the Bajraa where in more than 300 participants was involved and took the ride of Bajraa. The Rudra Abhishek was performed by the Pandits and the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Piyush Agarwal, Judge, Allahabad High Court, were the Guests, The Rudra Abhishek continued for almost 3 hours and during the time the boat was floating on the river Ganga. We also did Ganga Aarti and the Bholenath Aarti on the Bajraa along with the Guest and other members of AIFTP. It was a lifetime remembrance moment for all of us. The next day the inauguration was done at the Conference Hall in the Corridor the Temple, and it was again a magnificent affairs and everybody appreciated it. It is remarkable that there was a participation of over 350 persons and the registration was closed before three days of the NTC and NEC. The NEC for the first time was also organised at the Bajraa and it was again a moment which would be remembered by one and all and we had a great time in discussing the matters of AIFTP sitting on the Bajraa and floating on the river Ganga. The credit goes to Mr. O. P. Shukla and Mr. Anand Kumar Pandey, the Conference Chairman for the excellent working. In addition, the team of Varanasi deserves special appreciation. The working of the Northern Zone Secretary, Mr. Puneet Kumar Singh is also to be appreciated as he was co- ordinating each and every moment and program and was always there looking to the requirements.

It is also appreciated that the Central Zone had organised a RRC at Alwar and the elections of the Central Zone was also held. At this RRC discussions on the topics of Income Tax and GST was made and the speakers were Mr. Rajendra Arora from Delhi and Mr. Rajesh Mehta from Indore. The credit for this successful RRC goes to Mr. M. L. Gupta from Alwar and Mr. K. K. Khandelwal from Alwar and of course the Zone Chairman Mr. Sandeep Agarwal and Zone Secretary, Mr. Laxman Kashyap deserves a special appreciation for all the arrangements and coordination and holding of this RRC.

During last two months lot of programmes are being organised, and on the personal request of the undersigned special RRC was organised at Sri Sailam that is at Mallikarjuna, The Jyotirlinga and the Shakthi Peeth. As already discussed in many meetings, this year we had a special Theme of visiting religious places and the organising of this RCC at Mallikarjun will be a special moment in the Foundation Month.

Thereafter for the first time the Zone Award Function was organized by AIFTP, Eastern Zone and it was held on 26th November, 2023 at the Bengal Club at Kolkata. It was attended by over 150 persons and was amazing. The persons were recognized by the AIFTP Eastern Zone for their work and dedication and holding of programmes in the year 2023.

In between Election at the Western Zone was organized at Mumbai at the Head office along with other functions. It was a gathering of around 300 persons who casted vote. Special thanks to Mr. C. Sanjeeva Rao, Vice President, Southern Zone and Election Officer, Western Zone for his efforts.

Thereafter we had a wonderful One-day Seminar at Kochi. It was attended by over 200 Professionals and Member of AIFTP. Special credit goes to the AIFTP Southern Zone and Mr. G. Bhaskar, Chairman, Southern Zone for organizing such fantastic Seminar.

The second International Study Tour of 2023 was organized at Sri Lanka from 3rd December to 8th December, 2023. It was a great tour covering Colombo, Bentota and Kandy. It also covered Nurelia i.e. called to be the place where Sitaji went after being taken by Ravan. It is also called as Ashok Vatika. The credit goes to Mr. Laxman Kashyap for the wonderful organization of this Second International Study Tour.

Friends, AIFTP is marching ahead throughout the Country and we are making new members and new friends. Request all the members to continue in their efforts to make new members of AIFTP and ask professionals, particularly young professionals to join the AIFTP.

At the last I bow my head for the love, affection and respect given to me during my tenure as National President of AIFTP. It was a privilege to be the National President of AIFTP and I convey and my thanks and gratitude to all the Past President, Team 2023 and all the NEC and all Members of AIFTP for their co-operation and support.

Again wishing you a very happy and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2024.


Pankaj Ghiya

National President