2020 Challenge

The year 2020 has posed several challenges to our country and world at large in the form of COVID-19.

We had to face greater challengers because we have a very large population to manage. The steps taken by the Government were louded by WHO and followed by several nations in the world.

The lockdown provided us time to prepare and gear up to face the pandemic when we were in the process of preparing for COVID-19, Cyclone UMPHAN has hit at West Bengal and Orissa leaving lakh’s of homeless people. Again a Cyclone has hit Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our disaster management teams have worked hard to save the people from natural onslaughts and we could get over the disaster.

The real challenge is Chinese aggression at our eastern borders coupled with hostile attitude by Pakistan on western borders and Nepal on east. It was trying time for the Nation, we were facing problems of maintaining large rural population rendered jobless due to pandemic, take care of flood stricken population of north east in Assam and Meghalaya at the same time to equip our Army and Air force to combat China. It has resulted in to tremendous economic pressure on our government.

The result of lockdown was loss of revenue to Central and State Governments coupled with several economic booster steps undertaken by the Finance Ministry. Drop in industrial production and the cause of supporting poor has not left many avenues to garner funds except increasing the price of Diesel and Petrol for Central as well as State Governments.

In the above scenario, most of the businessmen and population at large including professionals are facing great problems of our own survival and also the survival persons connected with us as our employees and domestic helps. It has resulted in to depression for many of us and particularly the persons who are outgoing in nature were feeling jailed in our own flats and residences. The Government also realizes that lockdown cannot continue indefinitely and economic activities have to be allowed come what may.

It brought unlock-I and II that has its own repercussions by increase in number of COVID-19 cases which is still continuing and the numbers have spurt to around 30000 cases every day. It is the time for us to reorganize ourselves and assure our families with what we have rather than thinking about what we do not have. We the professionals are the elite class of society and are able to manage the hard time faced by one and all. We need to think about our brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate as we are and must try to help them in whatever manner we can support them.

There is a pleasant morning after every dark night. China has backed off, economy to slowing recovery, stock markets are bouncing back, we are back to work, now is the time to be very careful particularly regarding precautions to save your health falling ill at this time is devastating hence we must observe all recommended cautions to save ourselves, our family, friends, our city, state and nation at large.

We have to work with full of positivity, enthusiasm and vigor. I am sure united we should win and get over all odds and come out with flying colures, every citizen has a duty to perform and we should not leg behind in performing our part of duty.

With best efforts let us fight and defeat all negative circumstances and join hands to carry our Nation forward on trajectory of growth, peace and prosperity.

Ganesh N. Purohit

Member, Editorial Board

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