For the AIFTP to lose two of its stalwarts in a short period of one month is unbearable one for any institution and AIFTP cannot be an exception to the same.

I recall my first visit to Ranchi way back in 1995 or thereabout for enrolling new members of AIFTP. Mr. S. K. Poddar was the first to be enrolled alongwith a few others from Jamshedpur as well as Ranchi. Mr. Poddar happened to be the first preferred individual by the collegium, to lead the Federation as its President during 2012 & 2013. During his tenure, he planned all the programmes well in advance and executed the same on time. He was instrumental to the amendments carried out to the Constitution of AIFTP at Mumbai on 25th December, 2013. I had the privilege of working with him for a quite long time during which I found him to be a person who maintained highest tradition of legal profession and followed standard of ethics. On direct taxes he was master of his own right. Being a Rotarian he also had the inclination of helping the needy, financially as well as in the legal field. Though he is no more with us I am confident his absence would always be felt by one and all.

My sincere homage to the departed soul. I pray Almighty to grant him eternal peace and enough strength to his family members to withstand such a bolt from the blue.

— P. C. Joshi, Advocate, Past President

Late Shri S. K. Poddar was a highly renowned leader from Ranchi, who was well known for his ethics, professionalism and knowledge.

I had the pleasure and privilege of interacting with Late Shri S. K. Poddar for a long time. He was quite fond of travelling, exploring new places and sharing his insights in the field with both experts and novices. I had the opportunity of visiting Bali with Shri Poddar to attend the AOTCA conference. He had an amicable and calm personality. One of his endearing traits was that despite his immense knowledge and expertise in the field he was down to earth. He will remain as a great source of inspiration to the young and upcoming tax professionals.

I pray to Almighty that his soul may rest in peace.

— Dr. K. Shivaram, Sr. Advocate, Past President

I was saddened to know that Shri S. K. Poddar, Advocate has gone to his heavenly abode on 18th June, 2019. He was a very learned, sober & simple man and having in-depth knowledge particularly of Income Tax law. He will always be remembered for his services rendered to the Federation as a Lifetime Member of the Federation. He was a man who will be remembered by the tax fraternity for the years together because of his qualities of firm determination, humbleness and promoting young generation in the field of law.

He selflessly promoted the Federation and served the tex fraternity. The Federation lost a sincere, devoted, dedicated, determined, courteous member, who promoted and spread the Federation all over the country. The Federation, AIFTP shall never forget him and his name would be stamped in golden words in the history of the AIFTP for his dynamic leadership and spreading the light of AIFTP. He will also be remembered for the amendment made in AIFTP Constitution to reduce the tenure from 2 years to 1 year for the office bearers.

I shall always cherish the sweet memories when I was National President of the Federation and he was National Dy. President and gave charge to him as National President at Ranchi in December, 2011.

In this critical hour of grief, I express my heart-felt condolences and pray to the Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to the members of the bereaved family. We hope that his family members will follow the path paved by him, support the activities of the Federation and glorify his name.

— M. L. Patodi, Advocate, Past President

Shri S. K. Poddar, a very pertinent name in the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners, was one of the pillars of AIFTP.

He was like a fiend, philosopher and guide to me and I could move back to him in case of any support.

He was also one of my support pillars during my Presidentship, who always encouraged me to accept the responsibility of the National President of AIFTP, inspite of my health issues.

He has been an Advocate of repute in the matters of Direct Taxes and was well known and respected in the profession, a very learned and knowledgeable person who has presided over various sessions on matters relating to Direct Taxes.

An avid listener and a very good orator, who used to capture the audiences with his oratory skills and knowledge of the subjects he spoke on.

During his stint as National President of AIFTP, he took the Federation to greater heights.

He was equally a good social worker, who was always ready to donate for the social causes and helped the society in many ways.

It is difficult to absorb that Shri Poddarji is no more amongst us and is a great loss to the Federation and to me personally and I pray to God that his soul rest in peace.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

— J. D. Nankani, Advocate, Past President

It’s a very unfortunate time for the Federation to notice that within a span of 21 days two star lights of the glorious institution have made exit from this mortal world leaving all of us without guidance and direction. Really it’s a big blow to the movement of the organisers as both Dr. N. M. Ranka, and Shri Sheoji Kumar Poddar as Past Presidents as also great leaders led the Federation to the best appreciation of all the concerned. Both the Past Presidents have proved themselves as the most loved sons of Rajasthan and Jharkhand states in all respects and it’s a proven fact that they had taken the federation to greater heights in their respective tenures as National Presidents.

It is really a wonderful experience for me to associate with the two great leaders who provided me great and best direction light and guidance to me as from me only the tenure of the office of the president was reduced to one year. I have seen a true Gandhian president in Dr. Navrathan Ranka ji while I have experienced a real rebel star in Shri Poddar ji who strived hard for value based discipline in all administrative aspects with only object of ever marching Federation. Thus, we have all been denied by the Almighty of the association of both the leaders whose absence from us is incapable of being compensated and I am sure both would state at with their kind heavenly blessings. Simultaneously, let all of us convey our heartfelt grief to the members of the bereaved family and pray God to grant eternal peace to the departed souls of the great stalwarts of the Federation.

— Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy, Advocate, Past President


On 18th June 2019, Federation was stunned by painful reality of passing away of our former President Shri S. K. Poddar who left for his heavenly abode, leaving behind a multitude of grief stricken members of the Federation. As the Federation had not come out of the profound grief caused by the painful death of Shri N. M. Ranka Ji that the another blow was suffered by the Federation by the sad demise of Shri S. K. Poddar Ji.

Shri Poddar Ji was one of the finest luminary, rose higher and higher through his inhumanly hard work. He always led an ethical and moral life.

He was not only a model lawyer but also a symbol of inspiration to the young lawyers and a role model of all the professionals.

He was practicing in direct taxes. His contribution in getting the law laid down by the Judiciary is note-worthy and rememberable.

He was a man of principles. His thoughts were valuable and his decisiveness was remarkable which had solved many problems cropped up while conducting affairs of Federation.

Though Mr. Poddar is not with us in flesh and blood, his relentless perseverance, compassion and dedication to the practice of law will live on for all time to come. He will be remembered with great reverence and feeling of indebtedness. To adopt the ethics and moral values set by him will be the great Tribute to him.

May the departed soul rest in peace in the vicinity of God and we pray Almighty to give strength to the family, to the legal fraternity and to the members of Federation to bear this irreparable loss.

— Smt. Prem Lata Bansal, Sr. Advocate, Past President

Shri Shivkumar Ji Poddar, Past President of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners left for his heavenly abode on 18-6-2019.

It is a great loss to the fraternity of Tax Practitioners and the Organization at large. His contribution in building the AIFTP and promoting it in Eastern Sector in particular is unforgettable. Late Shri Shiv Babu had a very pleasant personality and affectionate nature. When he mix with his fellow members of the AIFTP, one could never imagine the stature of the persona of Shri Shivkumar Ji Poddar. He would never let you feel that he is an acclaimed Advocate in the field of taxation at Ranchi. Whenever one met Shiv Babu he felt comfortable and Shiv Babu always bestowed his love and affection to fellow members one and all and we always enjoyed his company. Shiv Babu has in-depth knowledge of the Tax Laws and was always willing to help his fellow Tax Advocates whenever and wherever needed. He had been instrumental in bringing the Organization to new heights. It is unfortunate for our organization that we lost two stalwarts Late Shri N.M. Ranka and Late Shri Shiv Babu Poddar in a short span of time in this year.

I convey my condolences to the family members and pray the almighty to accord the eternal piece to the departed soul.

— G. N. Purohit, Sr. Advocate, Imm. Past President


Shri Sheo Kumar Poddar, popularly known as “Sheoji” an Advocate and Past President of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners has left for his heavenly abode on June 18, 2019 at Ranch at the age of 79 years. He was a practicing lawyer over five decades. During his professional career he had represented cases at Kolkata, Patna, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cuttack, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad besides permanently at Ranchi. He had been awarded many awards during his carrier and was awarded Life Time Achievement Award in December, 2018 at National Convention of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners held at Guwahati by Hon’ble Judge of Supreme Court of India. He had evinced many social and culture achievements. So far as the Federation is concerned, it is great loss for all of us. I had a privilege working with him as a Treasurer, when he was National President of AIFTP. I had fond memories with him.

— H. N. Motiwalla, Editor, AIFTP Journal

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