The heat is building up political heat in Karnataka and hot weather all over. The month of May is known for its extreme hot weather schools and courts are closed for summer vacations. We are advised to stay indoors to avoid the sun stroke and watch for your health.

This is the time to spend time with family particularly your kids and siblings in the hot season to maintain warmth in the relationship and closeness in the family. Many of our friends will be heading to hills to avoid the scorching heat of the planes. Do we realise that number of vehicles on the road are enormously increasing. The number of air conditioners are phenomenally multiplying, giving boost to fossil fuel consumption and increasing power consumption and electricity bills.

We need to take care of our environment and reduce carbon emission. The only way to do that is by planting a sapling that should eventually take shape of large tree to absorb the carbon dioxide from the air. The season for planting tree is coming now that is rainy season. I request all the members to make sure that we plant at least one plant and nurture it to become tree as our part of social responsibility.

Friends human nature is a puzzle when climate is hot we want cool, when it is cool we want hot; when it is dry season we are longing for rain and if it is raining we want it to stop. We always want what is not.

Similar is our professional thinking if the cases are selected for scrutiny we question the action. If there is no scrutiny we feel we are being rendered jobless and there is no work. We start worrying that if no scrutiny assessments are done then there shall be no work at higher levels, no appeals to CIT, Tribunal or even before High Court.

Now the era of E-assessment has come, an apprehension is expressed by many of our members that it may result into heavy additions for the reason that it may not be possible for the Assessing Officers to appreciate all evidences and written submissions particularly in respect of accounting entries, it is easy to understand when explained in person with reference to documentary evidences. The board is however trying to put in place a system that may avoid frivolous additions. We on our part are also making representation to say that before any addition is made a specific opportunity be allowed by way of notice and reason for proposed addition so as to enable us to make an effective counter to the same.

The board has also announced a fortnight observation for settlement of appeal effects and refunds.

In GST also there is a welcome notification for waiver of late fees in uploading GSTR in December 2017. The issues are gradually getting settled.

In a recent development the Hon’ble Apex Court has ordered the Government to appoint the heads of the Tribunals and Commissions even if the suitable retired Supreme Court judge or Chief Justice of the High Court is not available, out of other appropriate judges within a time bound manner so that the litigants should not suffer for want of heads of various Tribunals and Commissions. This will results into appointment of President of ITAT and backlog of promotions shall be cleared and Vice-Presidents of zones shall be appointed that shall go a long way in the administration of ITAT.

We are also planning to follow up the Tax Practitioners Bill, 2010, that is lingering in the Parliament from past several years, it will benefit our ITP and STP members. The argument of the administration in not allowing power of audit as there is no regulatory body will be met and we shall be able to pursue the cause aggresively. Let us keep the fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Ganesh N. Purohit

National President

Posted in May.

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