Paying our respectful homage to Late Shri Dinesh Vyas, Sr. Advocate

Date : 29-7-1945 to 23-1-2018

A Rich Tribute was paid by the Bench and Tax Bar of Mumbai, ITAT, on 9-2-2018, Friday, by holding a full court reference in honour of Late Shri Dinesh Vyas Senior Advocate, High Court of Bombay, who has left for the heavenly abode on 23-1-2018.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble Shri G. D. Agarwal, President of the ITAT, highlighted various achievements of Late Shri Dinesh Vyas as a Sr. Advocate in promoting and preserving the independency of the Tribunal. Hon’ble President also stated that, the Govt. of India has honoured him with Rashtriya Sanman for being one of the highest taxpayers of the Country in the professional category in the year 2000.

Shri Y. P. Trivedi, Sr. Advocate and Past President of the ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai, stated that it is a great honour to him that late Shri Dinesh Vyas was his junior for more than five years. He also stated that he was a very hard working junior who had great ambitions and dreamt big, which he has achieved .

Mrs. Arati Vissanji, President of the ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai, stated that Late Shri Dinesh Vyas had in-depth knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita and she had the fortune of attending the lecture given by him. She mentions that all his fortune and success, as Late Shri Dinesh Vyas mentioned, has come because of Bhagavad Gita. She also explained that late Shri Dinesh Vyas was always concerned with the ITAT Bar and ITAT and believed in cordial relationships with Bar and the Bench.

Shri Jayant Kumar, Commissioner of Income Tax (DR) on behalf of the Departmental Representatives, has paid a rich Tribute to Late Shri Dinesh Vyas.

The family members of Late Shri Dinesh Vyas have also attended the full court reference. The Court was completely packed.

Late Shri Dinesh Vyas, Sr. Advocate, as a Chairman of the ITAT Bar Association’s Co-ordination Committee of the Federation in the years 2003-05, has made objective suggestions for better administration of Justice before the Tribunal.

When Government of India has introduced National Tax Tribunal Bill in the year 2003, he was of the firm opinion that the Government was trying to interfere with the independence of the Judicial process and must be strongly objected. He actively participated in the press meet organised by the Federation.

His life history will be a role model to tax professionals in the years to come who desire to excel in tax litigation practice.

On the occasion of platinum Jubilee of the ITAT, he had given a message, which reads as under:

“It is hoped that in the days ahead, the Tribunal grows in its stature in the Indian judicial system and renders quick and impartial justice to the parties before it, without fear or favour”.

Shri Dinesh Vyas Sr. Advocate was one of the Gems of the Tax Bar, a role model for young tax professionals to work hard and achieve excellence in tax litigation practice without compromising on the values and ethics in tax practice.

Dr. K. Shivaram

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