(From the lifestyle of our professional brother Mr. M. T. Tijoriwala, Solicitor, the members of AIFTP and readers of its monthly Journal can get inspiration and gain confidence to live similar healthy life of more than 100 years by practising the seven golden rules mentioned below)

1) Born on 23rd September, 1918 Mr. Madhusudan Thakordas Tijoriwala recently completed age of 100 years (century) on 23rd September, 2018. To celebrate the occasion a small function was arranged by his relatives and friends at Sheth Radhakumar Tejpal Memorial Hall on 23rd September, 2018.

2) He was a student of St. Xaviers College. He loved the subject of law from the beginning. For the sake of job security, to earn a regular income, he joined as Assistant Solicitor in 1944 M/s. Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., and after eight months he began work with M/s. Peiera and Fazalbhoy & Co., both well-known firms and thereafter he never looked back.

3) He has been practicing as an Advocate and Solicitor for the last 73 years in the firm name of M/s. Nanavati Tijoriwala & Co. He has also been appointed as a Notary of Maharashtra since last several years. During his long career, he was a part time Professor at Government Law College and was attached to the University of Mumbai for seventeen years lecturing LL.M. students. He has also delivered lectures to Articled Clerks on the subject of Conveyancing and also lectured on the Law and Practice of Conveyancing to the Junior Advocates, arranged by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa as refresher courses.

4) He and Mr. Sandip N. Vimadalal wrote a book on ‘Deeds and Documents’ on Conveyancing which contains their experience and knowledge on the subject of Conveyancing.

5) On 1st June, 1946 Mr. Nanavati and himself started their firm in the name of M/s. Nanavati Tijoriwala & Co.

6) He has been having healthy habits and he is a strict disciplinarian. When at 50, Mr. Tijoriwala was about to give up playing badminton, he decided to take up yoga. In the year 1966, he met ‘Guruji’ who used to come from Pune to Mumbai to conduct classes over the weekend and he became his guru, guide, friend, and philosopher. When he first started yoga he could not even touch his toes, in spite of the fact that he had been playing badminton very actively and after joining yoga class he could do all the difficult poses well. At the age of 86 he used to walk to temples viz., Dwarkadhishji, Laxmi Narayan, Ambaji and Babulnath and climbed stone steps. He is one of the Founder Donors and was a Trustee of the Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust at Babulnath, Mumbai- 400 007. Even today, after completing the age of 100 years, he has been practising yoga and he is healthy in all respects.

7) To live healthy life of more than 100 years practise yoga and follow the following 7 golden rules forever:

i. Keep cordial relations with others, good friends around you, remain mentally peaceful and practice yoga regularly;

ii. Eat moderately; eat fresh and healthy food;

iii. Forget the past, except its sweet memories, enjoy every moment of present and always be close to nature;

iv. Be kind and helpful to others by engaging in good social activities;

v. At any age of life, be a student to learn new useful things;

vi. Always feel young at heart and be enthusiastic;

vii. Things change often with times in life! Accept the same with a smile.

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