My beloved fellow members in AIFTP family and all other brothers and sisters in profession.

It is a matter of immense bliss to come before you all, so fast to greet everyone in AIFTP family and to find you happy, cheerful and healthy mood.

I would like to seize this opportunity to state here that the wheels of AIFTP chariot are continuously and incessantly moving forward on its well built track to reach everyone in the nook and corner of the country and it may not be an insignificant aspect that could be brushed aside or omitted to be stated that the chariot would move further only with the powerful, strong and active horses – to mean here that the most active, dedication and enthusiastic members.

We have returned only few days back carrying ever recollectable memories of the two day National Tax Conference on 12th & 13th March 2016, at Nashik organised by West Zone of AIFTP in collaboration with other partnering local Bar associations. Every participation in a seminar, symposium or conference of AIFTP is a lifelong remembering experience. A very good present time involving mindboggling technical sessions handled by reputed and well- experienced professional faculty had taken everyone to the optimum benefit of the participants.

A well meaningful and purposeful deliberations had taken place on 12-3-2016 in the NEC meeting and the same was also well-attended. Suggestions in relation to the Finance Bill for 2016-17 as mooted out by the members of the Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes representation committees of AIFTP viewed in right perception are reduced into writing and respective representations are being submitted to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. We have also received suggestions in the NEC meting from some of our respected members touching upon the life and survival of the AIFTP journal, when in respect of new life members to ensure certainty in subscription to the journal, life time subscription to journal, as also mooted out. To say that new members along with life membership admission fee, if chosen to pay, the amount of life time subscription to be determined by the journal committee, the journal to such members paying life-time subscription would be ensured in the library of such members. Though the suggestion appears to be appreciative to some extent, the technical intricacies are to be examined, so as to say that the journal shall be able to meet the working costs for at least a period of 3 to 4 decades, notwithstanding the fact that there would be upward revision in the landing cost of each copy of the journal. However the Chairman of the Journal Committee Mr. Mitesh Kotecha has been requested to examine this issue in all aspects and inform the office bearers for their examination and decision in the ensuing meeting at Mumbai in the 2nd week of April.

Friends, Journal as I have already stated, has been continuously ranked by the past National Presidents as the voice of the AIFTP in respect of ethics, education and excellence in professional standards amongst the members and as such it has to receive its due encouragement and support in all respects.

It has been our only endeavour that every member of the Federation shall keep the Journal in his library without fail by invariable subscription to the journal. Members may kindly appreciate that the journal gives us continuous education and knowledge that would ultimately enhance our knowhow to become oneself competently competitive to serve the clientele in an era of changing laws in tune with the needs of today’s society in the world. Therefore let us all join together, come together, work together, aspire together and serve together by helping the journal to fly to reach everyone of us.

Friends so much is in my mind and pen to say and speak. Unfortunately my voice does not know its limits when it looks at, of and for.

Hoping to converse with you all in my next talk.

 ||Jai Hind ||

Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy
National President

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