All my affectionate fellow members, brothers and sisters at Bar.

It is a fortnight ago, I have assumed the reigns of a great premier professional organisation as its National President and my predecessor Shri J. D. Nankani must feel happy to have been relieved of the enormous responsibility and duties that the Post would inherently carry. Not unknowing of the feelings of my predecessor when he was elected and assumed the charge of National President, but my sincere sense of feeling and experience having already witnessed the great sacred duty as also the responsibility of the National President while officiating during the absence of my predecessor, one thing I can definitely say is that it is a seat of thorns but not of roses. Nevertheless, I am a person of strong Will, with no shy of taking up the responsibility and leading the great organisation.

I have projected my thoughts, ideologies and such of the programmes during my tenure as the President, first and foremost programme, I have advocated is mankind is our business to say and mean that everyone should strive hard for inclusion of more and more new members into the fold and also to organise many more educative and informative seminars even in nook and corner of the country, as it is imminent that the time for start of GST era is very nearer to us when every learned member of the Federation shall be in a position to feel that he is well prepared and equipped with necessary technical knowhow to meet the challenges. It is our prime motto that the Federation is known for achieving, excellence, education and ethics in profession which will be in our belief possible only through more and more learning.

It is a matter of great privileged pride that the periodical journals of the Federation for the benefit of the members for updating their knowledge are very much praised and commended by the judges of the Supreme Court also as to the manner in which the judgments rendered by the judiciary in the country on tax laws of both direct and indirect are being digested in a more efficacious and lucid form.

It is also very much gratifying to notice that more than 90 invitees from our Federation are attending the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Platinum Jubilee Celebrations being organised by Government of India through Ministry of Law and Justice on 24th & 25th of January, 2016 and the way in which the invitation is extended to large number of invitees from Federation is really a feather in the cap of the Federation and it is all hopeful that the same trend would continue in times to come. Efforts in all sincerety and honesty would be employed to achieve more subscriptions from the members to the journal and simultaneously necessary corrective steps would be initiated to assure that every subscriber to receive the journal.

We also take this opportunity to appeal to the learned members of the Federation to contribute mindboggling articles for being published in the journals. Appeal is also being made to the members in every State and in every zone to hold Study Circle meetings every month to provide necessary infrastructural training to them/members especially in urban and semi urban places to enable them to gear up to practice the new laws. Some other beneficial programmes/schemes are in offing which I would place before the members in my next addition o presidential communiqué. Here I would like to salute the Chief Editor and all the learned members of the Journal Committee for their dedicated service to the Federation and society, for, but for their selfless and dedicated service, the journal would not be successful.

I once again convey my regards and respects to one and all for reposing hilarious confidence in me to head and lead the institution.

Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy
National President

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