My Dear Fellow Members, Brothers and Sisters in the AIFTP Family.

The clock ticks very fast as a proverb says time and tide never wait for anyone. The present is the second edition of my communiqué welcoming all the members in the AIFTP family. Though the beginning of the New Year has witnessed an irreparable loss to the Nation with the sudden and surprise call of God to the former Chief Justice of India Hon’ble Mr. Justice S. H. Kapadia on 5-1-2016, and as I have already stated in my condolence message that the loss to the nation and Indian Bar is a vacuum forever.

Friends you are all aware that the AIFTP Times is the mouthpiece for the Federation and now I must say to the consent and acceptance of one and all that journal is the life for the Federation, for, it is the staunch belief of everyone in the Federation that they are bestowed with the rare opportunity of updating and enriching their knowledge required for their growth, uplift, reputation and finally improved prosperity in the professional life by dint of the only companion namely the Journal. It is a much sought after one not only by the members of the AIFTP family but interestingly by outsiders also to say that many of the Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts in the country eagerly look forward to receiving a copy of the journal and it may not be an exaggeration to say that some of the Hon’ble Judges have also offered to pay the cost of the journal. Such is the unchallenged reputation that the journal has earned in its appreciable life since a long time.

What is the great significance and much more love that the members look at it, the reason is simple firstly it provides an excellent and wonderful educative and knowledgeful information to the professional fraternity by way of digesting of the recent decision of the judiciary in our country. Secondly articles of very good interest by eminent authors and writers are brought about in the journal which would give an opportunity to know many more new things which one may not know or claim to know. Thirdly and importantly questions of general importance in day-to-day professional life in relation to direct and indirect taxation posed by our members are suitably and authoritatively answered by our senior and versatile professional brothers from all the above triple features, one must admit that the journal of the Federation is a mobile school of learning, thought provoking and knowledge. What more does any member require?

Friends, it is also felt by me as an essential feature in fulfilment of one of the objects of the Federation is to maintain and strive to maintain the independence of judiciary. It is a bad luck and I can also say with all respects to one and all that 15th instant i.e. Monday is a black day in the country and Indian Judiciary where, in contradiction to the hierarchy of the delivery of justice system, the order of a court inferior to the Supreme Court seeks to set aside or overrule or reverse the order of the superior court. But as one will say that the cart is before the horse as it so happened that in simultaneous passage of proceedings, order of a High Court is sought to be projected to outwit the order of the Apex Court. I am restricting and staying my hands at this point of time and at this stage, as the matter is subjudice. It is really an unfortunate situation in the country which concerns every citizen. A day will come of course with the prior approval of the NEC that the Federation would start or initiate dialogue on this issue at an appropriate time.

Friends, I would like to once again renew my appeal to all the life members of the Federation to pay their subscription to the journal so that more and more encouragement the journal would receive to march forward in this year of 40 years of its inception and I am sure that the hope of the journal would not be let down and on the other hand it would receive its due and legitimate laurels in future.

Friends, I take leave of all of you hoping that the hands of the president for constructive work would be strengthened.

Jai Hind !

Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy
National President

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