The Finance Minister of Telangana, Mr. Eatala Rajender, presented the Budget for Telangana for financial year 2016-17 on March 14, 2016.

Budget Highlights

• The Gross State Domestic Product of Telangana for 2016-17 is estimated to be
Rs. 6,70,756 crore. This is 15% higher than the revised estimate for 2015-16.

• Total expenditure for 2016-17 is estimated to be
Rs. 1,30,416 crore, a 30.3% increase over the revised estimate of 2015-16. In 2015-16, there was a decrease of
Rs. 15,627 crore (13.5%) in the revised estimate over the budget estimate.

• Total receipts (excluding borrowings) for 2016-17 are estimated to be
Rs. 1,04,849 crore, an increase of 31.3% over the revised estimates of 2015-16. In 2015-16, total receipts fell short of the budgeted target by
Rs. 16,221 crore.

• Revenue surplus for the next financial year is targeted at
Rs. 3,718 crore, or 0.55% of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). Fiscal deficit is targeted at
Rs. 23,467 crore (3.5% of GSDP). Primary deficit is targeted at Rs. 15,761 crore (2.35% of GSDP).

• Departments of Irrigation, School Education, Social Welfare, Roads and Bridges, Medicine and Public Health saw increases in allocations for the year 2016-17. On the other hand, the Department of Rural Development witnessed a 5.8% decrease in allocation in 2016-17.

Policy Highlights

• Irrigation projects were granted
Rs. 25,000 crore.

• Telangana Government’s prestigious project Mission Bhagiratha was allocated with
Rs. 40,000 crore funds.

• For Health sector Rs. 5,967 crore was given.

• For Education sector
Rs. 1,694 crore of planned expenditure and Rs. 9,044 crore of planned expenditure were allocated.

• For SC welfare Rs. 7,122 crore was allocated.

• For ST welfare Rs. 3,552 crore was allocated.

• For BC welfare Rs. 2,538 crore was allocated.

• Brahmin Welfare Corporation was granted
Rs. 100 crore.

• Kalyana Lakshmi scheme was given
Rs. 738 crore.

• Women and Child Welfare was given
Rs. 1,553 crore.

• For Aasara pensions
Rs. 4,693 crore was allocated.

• For maintenance and development of Roads and Buildings a fund of
Rs. 3,333 crore was allocated.

• Panchayat Raj and Rural Development was allocated
Rs. 10,731 crore

• Urban Development sector was granted
Rs. 4,815 crore

• For development of Industries
Rs. 967 crore was allocated.

• IT and Communications Department was granted
Rs. 254 crore

• Special Development Fund of
Rs. 4,675 crore was allocated.

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