Odisha as matter of fact in linguistically the First recognised State of India which was created in 1936. This year budget is the 80th year of the budget of the State of Odisha. The estimate budget for the year 2016-17 is
Rs. 94,052.65 crore. For this budget estimation an opinion was taken from almost 1666 persons from cross section of people. The budget for 2016-17 is in two parts. The 1st part is the agriculture budget and the 2nd part is the general budget. Odisha is among few states that present separate agriculture budget. A comparative figure of budget of financial year 20 2015-16 and 2016-17 is given as under:–

Financial Year 2015-16 Budget Estimate

Financial year 2016-17 Budget Estimate




State Plan



Central Plan



Centrally Sponsored Plan






In the current budget the estimate has increased up to 11.32%. The non-planned budget has increased to 9.43% to 13.57%.

Previously the Annual Budget was presented in the State Assembly, prior to presentation of Union Budget. From this it was decided to hold it after the presentation of the Union Budget as it has become necessary to factor in State’s share in Central Taxes and Central Assistance, reflected in Union Budget, for the State’s Annual Plan to impart a greater degree of accuracy to the Budget Estimate

Budget Estimates, 2016-17

The total Non-Plan expenditure is estimated at
Rs. 48,096.49 crore in 2016-17 including provision of Rs. 18,800 crore for salaries,
Rs. 9,500 crore for penion, Rs. 4,650 crore for interest payment and
Rs. 4,977.35 crore for maintenance of capital assets.

State’s Annual Plan outlay for the financial year 2016-17 will be
Rs. 50,000 crore. This includes an outlay of Rs. 45,600 crore for the Government sector and
Rs. 4,400 crore for the Public Sector Undertakings.

The outlay for Central Plan will be
Rs. 311.33 crore. Centrally sponsored Plana will have an outlay of
Rs. 44.83 crore.

Thus the Budget Estimates for 2016-17 contains total outlay for expenditure of
Rs. 94,052.65 crore. This also includes repayment of debt. However, the gross provision made in the Budget is
Rs. 98,416.93 crore which includes recoveries and accounting adjustments.

The State proposed to enhance the capital outlay in 2016-17 to
Rs. 16,749.70 crore, which is about 4.37 per cent of GSDP. Besides, the Loans and Advances given, grants for creation of capital assets and other expenditure for capital formation put together account for
Rs. 11,766.20 crore which is 3.07 per cent of GSDP. Loans and Advances include
Rs. 1196.18 crore towards back-to-back loan to GRIDCO under UDAY scheme.

The State’s public expenditure policy is oriented towards development expenditure which consists of expenditure on social and economic sector. The share of development expenditure out of total expenditure excluding repayment of debt will be 74.49 per cent in 2016-17.

Financing the Annual Budget, 2016-17

The State proposes to finance the outlay for expenditure of
Rs. 94.52.65 crore in 2016-17 in the Consolidated Fund through estimated revenue receipts of
Rs. 78,126.72 crore, recovery of loans and advances of Rs. 185. 15 crore and borrowing and other receipts of
Rs. 15,740.78 crore.

Total revenue receipts for the year 2016-17 include State’s share in central taxes for
Rs. 26,567.56 crore, State’s Own tax for Rs. 23,200 crore , Own Non-tax revenue of
Rs. 9,822.93 crore and grants from Centre for Rs. 18,536.23 crore. With this, the Tax/GSDP ratio would be 6.05 per cent in 2016-17.

The State Budget has taken care of several sectors such as:

1. Social Sector – The total outlay will be
Rs. 33,823.00 core. This represents an increase of 16.10% over previous year.

2. Health Sector – The Govt. proposes to invite private investment in health care facility for providing affordable health care facility in rural and remote areas. Besides other health related, it has substantially increased to
Rs. 4,771.87 crore.

3. General Education – It is proposed an outlay of
Rs. 13,396.35 crore including free distribution of bicycles to Class X students

4. Welfare of ST, SC and Minorities – The total allocation of the Department has been enhanced to
Rs. 2,835. 12 crore.

5. Social security and empowerment of Women, Children and persons with disability – The total outlay will be
Rs. 4,693.55 crore.

6. Development of Infrastructure – The total provision has been
Rs. 17,172.30 crore for 2016-17.

7. Public Works – Provision for public works, the total. outlay is
Rs. 4,524.42 crore.

8. Development of Rural Infrastructure – The total outlay is
Rs. 6,489.86 crore.

9. Development of Urban Infrastructure and Sanitation including housing & urban development and smart city mission – The total outlay is
Rs. 3,357.10 crore.

10. Energy Security and Power Infrastructure – A sum of
Rs. 2,800.92 crore is provided for Energy Department both under plan and non-plan.

11. An amount of Rs. 22 crore has been provided towards incentives under Industrial Policy Resolution (IPR).

12. Promoting Heritage, Culture and Tourism –_Odisha’s cultural heritage is deeprooted and multifaceted. Jagannath culture forms the nucleus of the cultural heritage and identity of the State. A sum of
Rs. 242.54 crore is provided for the sector.

13. Forest and Environment: An allocation of
Rs. 603.22 crore is proposed for Forest and Environment Department, which includes a provision of
Rs. 90 crore for increasing green cover.

14. Planning and Convergence: An outlay of
Rs. 815.25 crore is proposed for Planning and Convergence Department.

15. Transport Department- An outlay of
Rs. 383.83 crore is proposed for Transport Department in the Budget which is an increase of 69.78% over the previous year.

16. Internal Security and Administration of Justice – A sum of
Rs. 3,965.20 crore is provided for administration of justice and maintaining internal security.

17. Revenue Administration and Disaster Management – Our State has created a national bench mark in effective handling of natural calamities. The Government is determined to consolidate the best practices and improve our preparedness to handle natural disasters. Provision of
Rs. 3,258.87 crore is made for Revenue and Disaster Management Department under Plan and Non-plan in the Budget. This provision includes
Rs. 1,785 crore towards State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). Besides,
Rs. 320 crore is provided for World Bank assisted “Odisha Disaster Recovery Project (ODRP)” and
Rs. 352 crore has been provided for Cyclone Risk Mitigation Programmes.

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