My Beloved Members,




‘Time and Tide’ doesn’t wait for anybody. So, it is time for me to lay down the office of the President of our august Federation for my successor. Parting company with fellow dear brothers is always painful. But you have to bear the same because the glass of life is a mixture blended with joy and pain. Hence, by sharing the same, everyone’s life goes on.

I am aware of the fact that due to my prolonged illness during the term of my office, I could not devote my time and energy for discharging the responsibilities of the Federation. However, due to decentralised structure of services of our Federation into five Zonal Committees and the supervisory role of the National Committee, they ably shared the vacuum of my absence and gave me courage and blessings to overcome my illness. And with God’s blessings too the ship of my life sailed smoothly.

I am therefore extremely grateful and indebted to these committees for sharing the workload efficiently in a time bound manner. Thus, the Federation in time of difficulty proved that in the absence of a main leader, it can ably carry out the services as well as of National Integration of Tax Professionals.

The motto of the Federation is to achieve Excellence without compromising on Ethics and Education. I am confident that my successor too will follow the footprints of our past Presidents and make an honest attempt to develop a strong Tax Bar for our country, keeping in mind the ensuing GST Regime and take forward the Bar to compete in International Tax Practice.

Apart from the above, through this monthly message, I have always maintained that tax practice is our bread and butter, but that itself is not enough to purposefully live our life. Hence, other than tax, I had focused your kind attention upon a number of issues affecting our life. Now, in this parting message, I would like to share with you a very important issue viz. ‘Climate Change’ which has affected the entire world. Recently, in Paris Conference, world leaders deliberated the ill effects of climate change on our life, but could not reach accord how to resolve the said issue, said the Green Groups countries. To illustrate the gamut of this problem, please note the following facts – how clean air is vanishing and pollution monster across the world is replacing the same.

(a) In 1960 decade, globally, carbon discharged in the air was 4.5%. In 2010, it increased to 5.9% as per information given by World Trade Organisation. Meantime, in the following five years, it must have further increased.

(b) China to achieve accelerating rate of growth, increased its use of coal so much so that its carbon discharged in the air reached 48% to achieve its export target of goods. At present, out of the 100% world discharge of carbon in the air, 70% discharge is accounted for by China itself.

(c) In America to generate electricity, 40% electricity is obtained by burning coal of which entire production of coal is controlled by politicians only.

(d) Thus, the politicians and businessmen across the world are fully responsible for causing climate pollution and pure air, by and large, is not available for human body across the world. In this context, you may have read that Delhi is the most polluted city in India followed by Mumbai.

Against the above background, I appeal to the incoming President, to consider whether other problems, such as the above, may be given due attention by the Federation.

I take this opportunity and express my sincere thanks to all the stakeholders, particularly the past Presidents and the Journal Committee Members including Chief Editor, in running the Federation and co-operating with me during the term of my office. In particular, I must thank the office staff of the Federation’s office at Mumbai, who have always put in lot of hard work in running the office and thereby efficiently serving the members across the country.

By praying motherland “Jai Hind!” I take your leave!!

With best wishes and warmest regards,

J. D. Nankani
National President

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