From the Editor

Ajay R. Singh, Advocate


Festivals holds a special place in our lives and their importance goes beyond tradition. Festivals are a celebration of joy, a chance to cherish every moment with our dear ones, creating a treasure trove of happiness.

While reading some articles, I got some interesting statistics about economic significance of Diwali. The Diwali Season marked a significant economic shift with Indian retailers recording a record breaking trade of Rs. 3.75 lakh crore (mainly Indian Product). The statistics further provide sectoral trends which is upward. Notably the surge in ‘Made in India’ purchases has not only bolstered the Indian economy, but has also dealt a considerable blow to Chinese goods. This Diwali signifies not just a season of festivities but a pivotal moment shaping consumer behaviours and trade dynamics. A banker friend of mine also provide a simple insight of impact on small retailer’s business, when we buy flowers, diyas, decorative items, sweets, etc. from vendora it has significant impact on their lives and dependents. This is exciting times for local business and shifting trend in Indian products. More focus needs to quality products and reaching out to Indian customer needs.

With the evolving era Indian products and services have great significance in the economy of our Country.

Wishing all our members a Happy Nav Varsh, Stanttirastu, Tushitirastu, Pushitrastu and Aarogyamastu.

Jai Hind

Ajay R. Singh