Dear Members,

Hope you and your family members are in good health and doing well. With the onset of Monsoon, the India sub-continent will get some respite from the summer heat.

Various writings and personal observation shows that monsoon brings joy and happiness to all without any bias, without any desire, treating all equally to the best and promoting equality and uniformity . It also develops the sense of integrity and oneness, soften one’s nature and cools down the mind. It also teaches as how life blooms back with all adversity faced.

Monsoon bring back beautiful memories of our childhood, friends and love ones. Climate has so much impact on our lives, behaviors, occupation & vocation. One must retreat oneself from the busy schedule to experience this beautiful seasons Monsoon. I read somewhere that “The Monsoon is considered unifying bond in India”. I fully agree with this, as this particular season create & bring life back on mother earth.

In tax profession monsoon reminds of filing tax return and audit to chartered accountant. As summer dry’s up the river bed by taking away the water however the same is showered back in the whole region during monsoon without any bias bringing life back in the whole region.

Same should be the approach of government while collecting tax and distributing the same. A bad mechanism to collect taxes will lead to dissatisfaction amongst the citizen similarly unequal distribution of resources will also lead to difference and discrimination amongst the citizen. A balanced, fair, stable and consistent tax structure is must to ensure tax compliance and discourage dubious method of formation of wealth.

This month’s journal is being presented with the latest development in law, accounts and taxation before all the esteem readers. I am optimistic that the same shall appeal to all the readers and I express my gratitude to all the authors for contributing to this month’s journal with their article.


Thank You,

Ajay Singh