Dear Members,

Mountains and Mangoes rule the summers. While some may try to sneak out from their crazy city-life chaos and go on a trip to the mountains the others may take a trip to one’s native town. The monotonous city life, concrete jungle and insane traffic most of the times leaves you craving for some peace and tranquillity. And Summer breaks are the best times to unwind yourself from this mundane lifestyle.

Recently I read an article on social media about Google new feature “Help me write” in Gmail. Just write one – line prompt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automatically pen the entire email for you in seconds and a video demonstrating the same is also made available. AI is constantly learning and improvising itself, to make itself more user friendly and helpful in future. A great tool indeed for the upcoming generation.

However, Human abilities, , are more expansive, unique and adaptive with environment. Each one of us have these qualities and potentials and that’s how we human keep evolving ourselves in this ever changing world. Though the coming generations are smarter than us, but we still need to mentor them and inculcate the habit of writing in them as Old Habits die hard. Let’s start using our own inbuilt qualities and potentials.

As we strive towards career success, we go through many obstacles and setbacks but we never let these factors get the better of us. Instead most of the times we use them to our advantage as motivators to push ourselves further to dream higher goals, work smarter and achieve all we’ve dreamed of.

This month’s journal is being presented in a new Avatar before all the esteem readers. I am optimistic that the same shall appeal to all the readers and I express my gratitude to all the authors for contributing to this month’s journal with their article.


Ajay Singh