Ajay R. Singh, Advocate


Wishing all the Members a Happy Holi filled with moments of love, laughter, and endless memories to cherish

We have come to the end of the financial year 2023-24 with just few days left, until the deadlines, major financial and tax related tasks are need to be complied by businessmen and professionals.

For many of us 2023-24 would have been a great financial year, however for few this year may have left them down, it may have been the hardest one yet, but if you have made it to the end of it I would say the end is a good place to be, because it is certainly the beginning of something better and good.

Wishing you all more success and achievements in the new F.Y: 2024-25.

As the Lok Sabha Election 2024 is announced by Election Commission and the model code of conduct kicking in, the dance of democracy beginning involving some 960 million voters and 62 recognised political parties contesting 543 seats. A monumental event that not only captures the attention of the nation but also echoes globally. It will be one of the most expensive electoral contest. The murky dance of money in politics can be gathered for the electoral bonds data unveil through the recent Supreme Court order. The call for political finance reform first came in the 1960s. Early on, the Santhanam committee on prevention of Corruption (1964) and the Wanchoo Direct Taxes enquiry committee (1971) spotlighted this murky connection. For political finance a better policy is need of an hour.

I thank the authors/contributors for their writings. At AIFTP our constant endeavour is to introduce new features and include good contents in our journal. I request our esteem readers to provide feedback and suggestions if any.


Ajay R. Singh