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A.C.J. Accident Claims Journal
A.C.C. Accident & Compensation Cases
A.J.R. Accident Judicial Report
A.T.C. Administrative Tribunal Cases
A.T.J. Administrative Tribunal Judgments
A.T.L.T. Administrative Tribunal Law Times
A.T.R. Administrative Tribunal Reporter
A.H.C.R. Agra High Court Reports
A.M.L.J Ajmer Marwar Law Journal
All.E.R. All England Law Reports
A.I.C.L.J All India Civil Law Judgments
A.I.C.D All India Criminal Decision
A.I.H.C.C. All India High Court Cases
Al.L.L.R. All India Land Law Reporter
A.I.R. All India Reporter
A.I.R.S.C.W. All India Reporter Supreme Court
A.I.T.C. All India Tribunal Cases
All. A.C. Allahabad Appeal Cases
All. C.J. Allahabad Civil Journal
All. Cr.C. Allahabad Criminal Cases
All. Cr.L.J. Allahabad Criminal Law Journal
All. Cr.R. Allahabad Criminal Reports
All. Cr.R. Allahabad Criminal Rulings
All. Serv. Rep. Allahabad India Services Reports
All. L.J. Allahabad Law Journal
A.L. J.R. Allahabad Law Journal Reports
All. L.R. Allahabad Law Reports
All. L.T. Allahabad Law Times
All. L.W. Allahabad Law Weekly
A.R.C. Allahabad Rent Cases
All. Tax J. Allahabd Tax Judgments
All. W.C. Allahabad Weekly Cases
All. W.N. Allahabad Weekly Notes
All. W.R. Allahabad Weekly Reporter
A.J.C.L. American Journal of Comparative Law
A.J.I.L. American Journal of International Law
A.J. American Jurisprudence
A.L.R. American Law Reports
Am.L.R. American Law Review
A.P.L.J. Andhra Pradesh Law Journal
A.L.T. Andhra Law Times
A.W.R. Andhra Weekly Reporter
A.D. Apex Decisions
A.T.R. Arbitration and Trade Mark Law
Arb. J. Arbitration Journal
A.L.R. Arbitration Law Reporter
Assam L.R. Assam Law Reports
Austr. L.J. Australian Law Journal
B.C. Banking Cases
B.C.L.R. Banking Commercial Law Reporter
B.I.S.J. Banking Important & Selected
Bank. L.J. Banking Law Judgments
B.J. Banker’s Journal
B.L.R. Bengal Law Reports
B.B.C.J. Bihar Bar Council Journal
B.Cri.C. Bihar Criminal Cases
B.L.J. Bihar Law Judgments
B.L.J.R. Bihar Law Journal Reports
B.L.T. Bihar Law Times
B.R. Bihar Reports
B.R.L.J. Bihar Revenue and Labour Journal
B.C.R. Bombay Cases Reporter
B.C.C. Bombay Criminal Cases
B.H.C.R. Bombay High Court Reports
B.H.C.Cr.R. Bombay High Court Criminal Rulings
B.L.R. Bombay Law Reporter
Bom. P.J. Bombay Printed Judgments
Bom. R.C. Bombay Rent Cases
B.T.L. British Tax Library
B.T.R. British Tax Review
B.Y.I.I. British Yearbook of International Law
B. L.R. Building Law Reports
Bur. L.R. Burma Law Reports
Bur. L.T. Burma Law Times
Cal. H.C.N. Calcutta High Court Notes
Cal. L.J. Calcutta Law Journal
Cal. L.R. Calcutta Law Reports
Cal. L.T. Calcutta Law Times
Cal. Tax C. Calcutta Tax Cases
Cal. W.N. Calcutta Weekly Notes
Cal. L.R. California Law Review
C.L.J. Cambridge Law Journal
Can. B.R. Canadian Bar Review
C.P.L.R. Central Provinces Law Reports
Ch.C.C. Chandigarh Civil Cases
Ch.Cr.C. Chandigarh Criminal Cases
Ch.L.R. Chandigarh Law Reporter
Ch.L.R. (Cr.) Chandigarh Law Reporter (Criminal)
Civ. App. J. (SC) Civil Appeals Judgments (Supreme
C.C.C. Civil Court Cases
Civil C.R. Civil Court Rulings
Civil L.J. Civil Law Journal
C.L.T. Civil Law Times
C.M.L.J. Civil and Military Law Journal
Col. L.R. Columbia Law Review
C.M.L.R. Common Market Law Reports
Com. C. Company Cases
C.L.J. Company Law Journal
Com. N.R. Company News and Reports
C.L.P. Competition Law in Practice
C.M.L.R. Common Market Law Reports
Const. L.J. Construction Law Journal
Con. L.R. Construction Law Reports
C.C.J. Consumer Claims Journal
C.P.C. Consumer Protection Cases
C.L.J. Consumer Law Journal
C.L.T. Consumer Law Today
C.P.J. Consumer Protection Judgments
C.P.R. Consumer Protection Reporter
C.T.J. Consumer Protection & Trade Practices
C.P.L. Conveyancer & Property Lawyer
Co-op. L.J. Co-operative Law Journal
C.L.R. Co-operative Law Reporter
Co-op. T.D. Co-operative Tribunal Decisions
C.T.J. Co-operative Tribunal Journal
Cornell L.Q. Cornell Law Quarterly
C.L.A. Corporate Law Adviser
C.J.S. Corpus Juris Secundum
Crimes Crimes
C.A.D. Criminal Appeals Decision
C.A.R. Criminal Appeal Reports
Cri. C. Criminal Cases
Cri. L.C. Criminal Law Cases
Cri. L.J. Criminal Law Journal
C.L.L. Criminal Law Library
Cri. L.R. Criminal Law Reporter
Cri. L.R. (Raj.) Criminal Law Reports (Rajasthan)
Cri. L.R. Criminal Law Review
Cri. L.T. Criminal Law Times
C.P.S. Criminal Practice Series
Cr. R. Criminal Ruling
C.C.L. Current Central Legislation
Cur.C.C. Current Civil Cases
C.C.J. Current Civil Law Judgments
Curr. C.C. Current Criminal Cases
Curr. Cr. J. Current Criminal Judgments
C.C.J. Current Criminal Journal
C.C.R. Current Criminal Reports
C.I.S. Current Indian Statutes
C. Lab. R. Current Labour Reporter
C.L. Current Law
Cur. L.J. Current Law Journal
Curr. L.J. (Civ.) Current Law Journal (Civil)
Cur. L.J. (Cri.) Current Law Journal (Criminal)
C.L.R. Current Law Reports
C.L.P. Current Legal Problems
Cur. S.N.R. Current Sales Tax News and Reports
C.S.J. Current Service Journal
C.T.R. Current Tax Reporter
Cut. L.R. Cuttack Law Reports
Cut. L.T. Cuttack Law Times
Cut. W.R. Cuttack Weekly Reports
D.L.R. Delhi Law Review
D.L.T. Delhi Law Times
D.L. Delhi Lawyer
D.R.J. Delhi Reported Judgments
D.R.J. Delhi Rent Judgments
D.M.C. Divorce & Matrimonial Cases
D.E.C. Doabia’s Election Cases
East Cri. C. Eastern Criminal Cases
E.S.C. Education & Service Cases
East L.R. Eastern Law Reporter
E.L.R. Environment Law Reports
E.L.R. Election Law Reports
E.C.C. Essential Commodities Cases
E.L.J. (L.S.) Epitomised Legal Judgments (Labour &
E.H.R.R. European Human Right Reports
E.I.T. Ex-lmp. Times
E.F.R. Excise & Food Adulteration Reports
E.C.C. Excise and Customs Cases
E.C.R. Excise and Customs Reporter
E.L.T. Excise and Law Times
E.T.R. Excise Tribunal Reporter
F.J.R. Factories Journal Reports (Indian
Factories Journal)
F.L.R. Factories and Labour Reports (Indian)
F.L.L. Family Law Library
F.P.S. Family Practice Series
F.C.R. Federal Court Reports
F.L.J. Federal Law Journal
F.S.R. Fleet Street Reports
F.A.C. Food Adulteration Cases (Prevention
F.A.J. Food Adulteration Journal
F.I.I.P.L.P. Fordham International Intellectual
Property Law & Policy
For. L.R. Fordham Law Review
F.I.A.S. Foreign Investment in Asia Series
Gau. L.R. Gauhati Law Reporter
Goa L.T. Goa Law Times
G.C.S.L. Greens Concise Scots Law
G.P.L. Greens Practice Library
Guj. Cri. R. Gujarat Criminal Reporter
Guj. H.C.R. Gujarat High Court Reporter
G.L.H. Gujarat Law Herald
G.L.R. Gujarat Law Reporter
G.C.S. Gujarat State Current Statutes
Halsbury Halsbury’s Laws of England
Harv. B.R. Harvard Business Review
Harv. L.R. Harvard Law Review
H.R.R. Haryana Rent reporter
H.L.J. Hastings Law Journal
H.C.J. High Court Judgments (Hindi)
Him. L.R. Himachal Law Reporter
H.L.R. Hindu Law Reporter
Ill. L.R. Illinois Law Review
I.T.A.T.R. Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal
I.T.C. Income Tax Cases
I.T.J. Income Tax Journal
I.T.R. Income Tax Reports
I.T.T.C. Income Tax Tribunal Cases
I.T.T.D. Income Tax Tribunal Decisions
I. Adv. Indian Advocate
I.A. Indian Appeals
I.C. Indian Cases
I.B.R. Indian Bar Review
I.J.I.L. Indian Journal of International Law
I.J.R. Indian Judicial Reporter
Ind. J. Indian Jurist
I.L.R. Indian Law Reports
I.T.M. Indian Tax Mirror
I.C.R. Industrial Court Reporter
I.S.J. (Banking) Important and Select Judgments
I.C.A.S. Institute of Chartered Accountants of
I.B.N.G. International Business Negotiating
I.P.L.S. Insurance Practitioners Library
I.P.G. Intellectual Property Guides
I.P.L. Intellectual Property Library
I.P.P. Intellectual Property in Practice
I.C.L.Q. International and Comparative Law
I.B.L. International Business Lawyer
Int. L.R. International Law Reporter
I.S.E. International Student Edition
Jab. L.J. Jabalpur Law Journal
J.L.R. Jaipur Law Reports
J & K L.R. Jammu & Kashmir Law Reports
J.B.L. Journal of Business Law
J.C.C. Journal of Criminal Cases (Delhi)
J.D.R. Journal of Disputes Resolution
J.I.L.I. Journal of Indian Law Institute
J.I.A. Journal of International Arbitration
J.I.L. Journal of International Law (Indian)
J.P.E.L. Journal of Planning & Environment Law
J.S.C.T.L. Journal of Shipping Customs and
Transport Laws
J.S.P.T.L. Journal of the Society of Public
Teachers of Law
J.T. Judgment Today
K.L.C. Karnataka Law Chronicle
K.L.J. Karnataka Law Journal
K.L.T. Karnataka Law Times
Kant. Serv. L.J. Karnataka Service Law Journal
Kash. L.J. Kashmir Law Journal
Ker. L.J. Kerala Law Journal
Ker. L.R. Kerala Law Reports
K.L.T. Kerala Law Times
Lab. A.C. Labour Appeal Cases
L.L.J. Labour Law Journal
L.I.C. Labour and Industrial Cases
L.L.N. Labour Law News
L.L.R. Labour Law Reporter
Lahore L.J. Lahore Law Journal
Lah. L.T. Lahore Law Times
L.A.C.C. Land Acquisition and Compensation
Land L.R. Land Law Reporter
L.S. (A.P.) Law Summary Andhra Pradesh)
L.J.R. Latest Judicial Reports
L.S.G. Law Societies Gazette
L.T. Jour. Law Times Journal
L.T. Law Times Reports
L.Q.R. Law Quarterly Review
L.W. (Cr.) Law Weekly (Criminal)
Lawyers Lawyers
L.U. Lawyers Update
Luck. L.J. Lucknow Law Journal
L.L.T. Lucknow Law Times
M.B.L.J. Madhya Bharat Law Journal
M.D.L.R. Madhya Bharat Law Reporter
M.P.C. Madhya Pradesh Cases
M.P.L.J. Madhya Pradesh Law Journal
M.P.L.T. Madhya Pradesh Law Times
M.P.R.C.J. Madhya Pradesh Rent Control Journal
M.P.W.R. Madhya Pradesh Weekly Reporter
M.Cr.C. Madras Criminal Cases
Mad. H.C.R. Madras High Court Reports
M.L.J. Madras Law Journal
M.L.T. Madras Law Times
M.L.W. Madras Law Weekly
M.L.W. (Cri.) Madras Law Weekly (Criminal)
M.W.N. Madras Weekly Notes
Mah. Cri. R. Maharashtra Criminal Reporter
Mah. L.J. Maharashtra Law Journal
Mah. L.R. Maharashtra Law Reporter
Mah. R.C.J. Maharashtra Rent Control Journal
Malayan L. J. Malayan Law Journal
Marr. L.J. Marriage Law Journal
Marwar L.R. Marwar Law Reporter
M.L.R. Matrimonial Law Reporter
M.Q. Mediation Quarterly
Me. U.L.R. Melbourne University Law Review
Mer. L.R. Mercantile Law Reporter
Mch. L.R. Michigan Law Review
Minn. L.R. Minnesota Law Review
M.L.R. Modern Law Review
M.L.S. Modern Legal Studies
Moo. Ind. App. Moore’s Indian Appeals
Moo. P.C.C. Moore’s Privy Council Cases
M.C.C. Municipalities and Corporation Cases
Mun. L.J. Municipal Law Journal
Mys. H.C.R. Mysore High Court Reports
Mys. L.J. Mysore Law Journal
Mys. L.R. Mysore Law Reports
N.L.J. Nagpur Law Journal
N.L.R. Nagpur Law Reports
N.L.J. New Law Journal
N.Y.U.L.R. New York University Law Review
Ohio S.L.J. Ohio State Law Journal
Orissa Cri. R. Orissa Criminal Reports
O.J.D. Orissa Judicial Decisions
O.L.R. Orissa Law Reporter
Oudh. Case Oudh. Cases
Oudh. L.J. Oudh. Law Journal
Oudh. L. R. Oudh. Law Reports
Oudh. S.C. Oudh. Select Cases
Oudh. W.N. Oudh. Weekly Notes
Pak. L.D. Pakistan Legal Decisions
P.S.G.I.A. Parker School Guides to International
P.H.B. Parliament House Book
P.T.C. Patents and Trade Mark Cases
P.T.R. Patent and Trade Mark Reporter
Pat. L.J. Patna Law Journal
P.L.J.R. or Pat. L.J.R. Patna Law Journal Reports
Pat. H.C.C. Patna High Court Cases
P.L.T. Patna Law Times
P.L.W. Patna Law Weekly
Pat. W.N. Patna Weekly Notes
Pepsu L.R. Pepsu Law Reports
P.I.P. Perspectives on Intellectural
PRP. J.H.R. PRP Journal of Human Rights
P.F.A.J. Prevention of Food Adulteration
P.C.L. Property and Conveyancing Library
P.L.J. Punjab Law Journal
P.L.J. (Cri) Punjab Law Journal (Criminal)
P.L.R. Punjab Law Reporter
P.L.R. (D) Punjab Law Reporter (Delhi)
Pun. Re Punjab Records
P.W.R. Punjab Weekly Reporter
Raj. Cri. C. Rajasthan Criminal Cases
Raj. L.R. Rajasthan Law Reporter
R.L.W. Rajasthan Law Weekly
R.C.S. Rajasthan State Current
R.L.R. Rajdhani Law Reporter
Rang. L.R. Rangoon Law Reports
Rec. C.R. Recent Criminal Reports
R.R.R. Recent Revenue Reports
R.S.J. Recent Service Judgment
R.C. Rent Cases
R.C.J. Rent Control Journal
R.C.R. Rent Control Reporters
R.L.R. Rent Law Reporter
R.P.C. Report of Patent Cases
R.D. Revenue Decision
R.L.R. Revenue Law Reporters
Rev. Rul. Revenue Rulings
S.T. Aff. Sales Tax Affairs
S.T.C. Sales Tax Cases
S.T.I. Sales Tax Interpretation
S.T.J. Sales Tax Journal
S.T.L. Sales Tax Literature
S.T.T.D. Sales Tax Tribunal Decisions
S.T.R. Sales Tax Rulings
Sau. L.R. Saurashtra Law Reporter
Scale Scale
S.L.T. Scots Law Times
S.U.L.I. Scottish Universities Law Institute
S.C.T. Service Cases Today
Ser. L.C. Service Law Cases
S.L.J. Service Law Journal
S.L.R. Service Law Reporter
S.L.W.R. Service Law Weekly Reporter
Sikkim L.J. Sikkim Law Journal
Sim. L.C. Simla Law Cases
Sim. L.J. Simla Law Journal
Sind. L.R. Sind Law Reporter
S.P.J. Speed Post Judgments
S.L.S. Socio Legal Series
S.J. Solicitor’s Journal
S.A.L.J. South African Law Journal
Sri. L.J. Srinagar Law Journal
Stan. L.R. Stanford Law Review
S.C.C. Supreme Court Cases
S.C.C. (Cri.) Supreme Court Cases (Criminal)
S.C.C.(L & S) Supreme Court Cases (Labour &
S.C.C. (Tax) Supreme Court Cases (Taxation)
S.C.C.R. Supreme Court Criminal Rulings
S.C.D. Supreme Court Decisions
S.C.F.B.R.C. Supreme Court and Full Bench Rent
S.C.J. Supreme Court Journal
S.C.N. Supreme Court Notes
S.C.R. Supreme Court Reports
S.C.S.T.J. Supreme Court Sales Tax Judgments
S.C.W.R. Supreme Court Weekly Reporter
Supreme Supreme Today
Suth. W.R. Sutherland’s Weekly Reporter
T.N.L.J. Tamil Nadu Law Notes Journal
Tas. L.R. Tasmania Law Review
Tax Affairs Tax Affairs
Tax Dec. (SC) Tax Decisions (Supreme Court)
T.S. Tax Saver
Taxation Taxation
Taxman Taxman
T.T.J. Tax Tribunal Judgment (All India)
Tax. L.R. Taxation Law Reports
T.A.C. Transport and Accident Cases
Trav. Co. L. R. Travancore-Cochin Law Reports
Trav. L.J. Travancore Law Journal
Tex. L. R. (University of) Texas Law Review
Tul. L.R. Tulane Law Review
U.S.S.C.R. U.S. Supreme Court Reports
Um. N.N.P. Uchchatam Nyayalaya Nirnaya Patrika
Uch. N.N.P. Uchcha Nyayalaya Nirnaya Patrika
U.P.L.R. University of Pennsylvania Law Review
U.C.R. (Bom.) Unreported Cases Reporter (Bombay)
U.J. (S.C.) Unreported Judgments (Supreme Court)
U.P. Cri. C. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Cases
U.P.C.D. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Decisions
U.P. Cri. L.C. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Law Cases
U.P. Cri. L. R. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Law
U.P. Cri. R. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Rulings
U.P.L.R. Uttar Pradesh Law Reports
U.P.C.T. Uttar Pradesh Criminal Tribune
U.P.L.B.E.C. Uttar Pradesh Local Bodies &
Educational Cases
U.P.R.C.C. Uttar Pradesh Rent Control Cases
U.P.R.J. Uttar Pradesh Rent Journal
U.P.S.C. Uttar Pradesh Service Cases
U.P.R.C. Uttar Pradesh Revenue Cases
U.P.R.J. Uttar Pradesh Revenue Judgments
U.P.S.T.J. Uttar Pradesh Sales Tax Journal
U.P.T.C. Uttar Pradesh Tax Cases
V.K.N. Vikraya Kar Nirnaya
W.L.C. Weekly Law Cases (Raj.)
W.L.N. Weekly Law Notes
Writ L.R. Writ Law Reporter
Yale L. J. Yale Law Journal
Y.C.A. Yearbook of Commercial Arbitration
Y.W.A. Yearbook of World Affairs