On the eve of the superannuation of Honourable Accountant Member of ITAT,
Mr. B. Ramakotaiah, a full court farewell was held on 9-8-2018 at Hyderabad.
Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav, Senior Judicial Member, chaired the
full court farewell function

Professionals across the country attended the full court farewell and
expressed their respects and gratitude for rendering immense service to the
ITAT and taxpayers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. B. Ramakotaiah thanked the Members,
Staff, Professionals and Departmental Representatives for helping him in
discharging his duties and responsibilities with great diligence.

August 4, 2018

Mr. B. Ramakotaiah, Accountant Member, ITAT, Hyderabad

Respected Sir,

The members of the ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai had the good fortune to appear before Your Honour for over 5 years. Your tenure in Mumbai was unanimously regarded as too short.

We will always remember you for your quick grasp of complex issues and analytical skills.

Your professional approach in the Bench you presided over, put all those who appeared before you at ease. It was a Court Room singularly free of tension.

On the eve of your superannuation and the beginning of a new phase in your life, on behalf of the ITAT Bar Association and on my own behalf, I convey our best wishes to you. We pray that the future holds ample opportunities for you to do all that you have always wanted to. ‘

Yours Sincerely
For ITAT Bar Association,
Mrs. Arati Vissanji, President

August 4, 2018


Hon’ble Mr. B. Ramakotaiah,
Accountant Member
ITAT, Hyderabad.

Respected Sir,

On the eve of your retirement, it is with great happiness that the Members of the Income Tax Bars across the country remember your distinguished career on the Bench. Your Honour has rendered immense service to the ITAT and the taxpayers by delivering many landmark judgments which have contributed immensely to Income Tax Jurisprudence. Your Honour has always conducted Court proceedings with a smiling face which made the court proceedings very cordial and pleasant. Sir, your in-depth knowledge on taxation and ability to convince the fellow member with persuasion has always been appreciated by the Bar.

During your tenure at Mumbai, the Bar and the Departmental Representatives had a very cordial atmosphere while presenting the matters before the Bench.

Your Honour is a fitting inspiration for Junior Members and also for a presiding Judge / Member to exemplify that how a good judge should conduct his court proceedings. Your conduct on the Bench was supportive to junior members of the Bar in promoting their art of advocacy.

Sir, on behalf of both, the All India Federation of tax Practitioners and on my own behalf, I wish your Honour a very happy, healthy and peaceful retired life and success for your future endeavours. We look forward to you joining the profession where undoubtedly you shall continue to use your knowledge and command on tax laws for the benefit of taxpayers of our country.

Thanking you,

For All India Federation of Tax Practitioners
Ganesh Purohit
National President

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