Dear respected fellow members in the Federation and the learned brothers and sisters in the profession.

Your President once again is before all of you with his communiqué greeting everyone in the Federation.

6,114 tally of membership in the Federation as of 18-4-2016 though appears to be somewhat appealing, nevertheless in my considered opinion is not so big a figure for a Federation of this stature at the national level. Therefore something more is required to be efforted by one and all to strengthen the hands of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Membership Development Committee of the Federation, the most working and initiative personalities Adv. D. K. Agarwal and T. P. Sreedhara Parthasarathy, we have to do a lot to reward them suitably, the most efficacious personalities in-charge of an important committee is considered as the heartbeat of the Federation. A target of 1,000 new members into the Federation fold was set at the beginning of 2016 by your National President so that the total membership by the end of December 2016 would cross 7,000 without any difficulty. It is a good sign that new members @ 100 per month is a really an appreciable pace in the direction of crossing the target. Nevertheless, we have to work hard in this behalf leaving no stones unturned.

Friends, we have experienced and seen that Finance Bill, 2016 has been successfully passed in the House of People (Lok Sabha) with say around 60 amendments. It is also necessary to bring it to your kind notice that the Direct Taxes Representation Committee of the Federation has also done its share of work putting forth its suggestions to be considered by the Hon’ble Finance Minister to the Finance Bill introduced in February 2016 and it is hoped that many of the suggestions of the Federation have been considered and inserted in the Finance Bill before being enacted by the Parliament. We hail the laudable suggestions of the Committee to depict the imminent presence and necessity of the Federation for the ease governance and administration of fiscal laws in the country.

Friends as informed early, a very good participatory team of 160 members in two groups is leaving for Tashkent, the capital city of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 29th and 31st of this month and after successful tour and conference will be respectively returning home on 2nd and 4th of June, 2016. We are deeply beholden to the dedicated interest being evinced by our learned brother Adv. Pankaj Ghiya, who has been on the forefront to respond to our call for an international tour to carry the mantle of the Federation abroad. We sincerely hope that the International Tax Conference at Tashkent from the evening of 31st May to 2nd June, 2016 for three days with various technical sessions would be of great interest to the learned members of the Federation where much experienced faculties of great repute are also doing their part of appreciable work to enhance the image of the Federation outside the country.

We are all hopeful that in the inaugural session of the Conference in the evening of 31st May, there would be illuminating presence of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Uzbekistan as well as the Indian Consulate General/Ambassador who are requested to be with us.

Lastly but not least your Federation has set up its own official WhatsApp with the newly designed logo of 40 years completion in the name of AIFTP family and there is room for every life member of the Federation without any restrictions as to administration/inclusion in the groups subject to strict compliance with other prescriptions touching upon the use of the facility as time has come to show the Federation is one and a
disciplined one respecting its inception, survival, growth and finally its leadership.

We once again renew our appeal to all our learned members of the Federation to strengthen the hands of the journal which is the mouth piece of the Federation with the renewal and new subscription so that the journal will adorn on the office table of every learned member.

|| Jai Hind ||

Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy
National President

Posted in May.

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