To be held

Date / Day Time Zone Topic Speaker Details
Saturday, 8th August, 2020 11.00 am Eastern Cash Transactions under Income Tax Act, 1961 CA Deepabali Das, Tumakuru  
Sunday, 9th August, 2020 10:30 am Eastern GST – Practical Questions and Answers CA Unnikrishnan M, Trivandrum.
CA Sriram K, Hyderabad.
Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd August 2020 4 to 6 PM Central 7 Day G.S.T. Refresher Certificate Course Click Here

Past Webinars

Sr. No. Date Day Zone Topic Speaker YouTube Video link PPT / Webinar Matrial
1 6/4/2020 Monday Head Office Recent Amendments & E-Invoicing Under GST Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Not Available  
2 7/4/2020 Tuesday Western Demonetisation Addition u/s 68 & 69 and tax u/s 115BBE CA Palak Pawaghadi, Ahmedabad Click Here
3 7/4/2020 Tuesday Eastern Zone Penalty under section 270A and newly introduced penalty by the Finance Act 2020 u/s. 271AAD Subash Agarwal Not Available  
4 12/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Board Outline of “Vivad Se Vishwa Scheme” with Qs & As Mr. Vipul B. Joshi, Mumbai  
5 13/4/2020 Monday Head Office “Tools for Work from Home” for a Tax Practitioners CA. Jigar Shah,  
6 14/4/2020 Tuesday Head Office Intricacies of Sec. 115BBE Mr. V. P. Gupta, Adv., New Delhi Click Here
7 14/4/2020 Tuesday Central Input Tax Credit Law and Controversial issues under GST Act Mr. Mukul Gupta, Adv., Ghaziabad Click Here
8 15/4/2020 Wednesday Central Recent Issues under GST CA. S. Venkataramani, Bengaluru Click Here
9 16/4/2020 Thursday Central Recent Changes in Companies Act and IBC CA. Anil Mathur, Jaipur Click Here
10 17/4/2020 Friday Head Office Records to be verified for GST Audit – An Overview CA. Siddeshwar Yelamali, Bengaluru Click Here
11 17/4/2020 Friday Central Import Aspects in Notices issued under section 131, 133(6), 148, 143(2), 263, 154 & 153C Mr. Siddharth Ranka, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
12 18/4/2020 Saturday Central Notices, Summons and Arest under GST Act Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
13 18/4/2020 Saturday Southern GST on works Contract,Government Contracts, Subcontract Mr. Bimal Jain, Adv., New Delhi  
14 19/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Session I – “Cyber Securities and Protecting Client’s Data” CA. Pranay Kochar  
15 Session II – How to spot and avoid fake Whatapp Messages CA. Dinesh Tejwani  
16 19/4/2020 Sunday Head Office Myths about Covid-19, Tips to stay healthy Dr. Pratit Samdani  
17 19/4/2020 Sunday Central Force Majeure – Meaning, Effect of Agreement, Way Forward Mr. Rajiv Shankar Dwivedi, Adv., New Delhi Click Here
18 20/4/2020 Monday Central Approach towards Additions after Demonatisation in light of section 68, 6, 69A, 69B, 69C, 69D Mr. V. P. Gupta, Adv., New Delhi  
19 21/4/2020 Tuesday Head Office Penalty under Income Tax Act Mrs. Prem Lata Bansal, Sr. Adv., New Delhi  
20 21/4/2020 Tuesday Central RERA recent aspects CA. Sanjay Ghiya, Jaipur Click Here
21 22/4/2020 Wednesday Central Capital Gain – Basic Concept & Recent Development under Income Tax Act CA. Rajesh Mehta, Indore Click Here
22 23/4/2020 Thursday Western Controversial issues on ITC – Part 1 CA. Abhay Desai, Ahmedabad Click Here
23 23/4/2020 Thursday Central Aspects of Valuation in GST CA. H. L. Madan, New Delhi Click Here
24 24/4/2020 Friday Western Some new insights into Personal Tax and Investment Planning Mr. Mukesh Patel, Sr. Adv., Ahmedabad  
25 24/4/2020 Friday Central Issues relating to Vivad se Vishwas Scheme Mr. Mahendra Gargieya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
26 25/4/2020 Saturday Southern Amendments in Direct Taxes through Finance Act, 2020 CA. Navin Khariwal, Bengaluru Will be uploaded in due course  
27 25/4/2020 Saturday Central Intellectaul Propety Rights Mr. G. D. Bansal, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
28 26/4/2020 Sunday Northern Succession Planning and HUF Dr. Girish Ahuja, New Delhi  
29 26/4/2020 Sunday Central Input Tax Credit & Arrest Provisions Mr. Pankaj Ghiya, Adv., Jaipur Click Here
30 27/4/2020 Monday Western Issues in Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST Mr. Uchit Sheth, Adv,, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
31 27/4/2020 Monday Central Income Tax – Aspect of Income from other sources CA. (Ms.) Jamuna Shukla, Varanasi Click Here
32 28/4/2020 Tuesday Southern GST – Place of Supply of Services Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course  
33 28/4/2020 Tuesday Central Taxability of Joint Development Agreement under GST CA. Manoj Nahata, Guwahati Click Here
34 29/4/2020 Wednesday Western Controversial issues on ITC – Part 2 CA. Abhay Desai, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
35 29/4/2020 Wednesday Central Issues in Reassessment under Income Tax CA. Rajesh B. Doshi, Raipur Click Here
36 30/4/2020 Thursday Western Amendments in Trust Provisions under Income Tax Act Mr. Varis Isani Click Here
37 30/4/2020 Thursday Central Scope of Supply under GST CA. Rajender Arora, New Delhi Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
38 1/5/2020 Friday Northern Taxation of Penny Stock Mr. Kapil Goel, Adv., New Delhi Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
40 1/5/2020 Friday Central Recent Amendments relating to Charitable Trust and Institution CA. Himanshu Goyal, Jaipur Click Here
41 2/5/2020 Saturday Southern Assessment Procedures under Income Tax Act CA. Suresh Kumar Will be uploaded in due course  
42 2/5/2020 Saturday Central How to Manage Stress in Personal & Professional Life by Sprituality Sister BK Shivani  
43 3/5/2020 Sunday Northern Reopening of Assessment Dr. Rakesh Gupta Will be uploaded in due course
44 3/5/2020 Sunday Central Computation of Income under Income Tax Act in light of Income Computation & Disclosure Standards (ICDS) CA. Manoj Fadnis
45 4/5/2020 Monday Northern Important issues in GST CA. Ashok K. Batra Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
46 4/5/2020 Monday AIFTP, GSTPAM, STTBA Payment of Salaries and wages during lock down period ADV Ashok Shetty-Bombay High Court Click Here
47 10/5/2020 Sunday Southern Practical issues in Schedule I and II of GST Act CA. Jatin Christopher A- Bangalore Will be uploaded in due course  
48 11/5/2020 Monday Southern Critical analysis of 115 BBE with ref. to Demonitaisation under Income Tax Act, followed by question answers Sri. Kapil Goel, Advocate
Click Here
(Zip file)
49 16/5/2020 Saturday Southern Burden of Proof in Income Tax Proceedings – Law and Practise Mrs. Muthu Abirami, Advocate, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
50 16/5/2020 Saturday Western Levy of Penalty : New Turf – New Rules Samir N. Divetia, Advocate Gujarat HC Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
51 17/5/2020 Sunday Southern Critical issues and resolutions – GST Refunds CA V S Sudhir, Hyderabad Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
52 23/5/2020 Saturday Southern Analysis of applicability of GST on Joint Development Agreements CA Venugopal G, Bengaluru Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
53 23/5/2020 Saturday Western Effect of lockdown & Aftermath of GST CA Aditya Surte  
54 25/5/2020 Monday Western Intricate issues in Place of Supply Adv. Ishaan Patkar  
55 25/5/2020 Monday Southern Interplay between Sections 56(2)(x), 50C, 54F and 43CA of
Income-Tax Act, 1961
CA Suresh T G, Chennai Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
56 27/5/2020 Wednesday Western Intricate Issues Relating to ITC in relation to Rule 36(4), 42 & 43 under GST Shri Parth Badheka, Adv.  
57 28/5/2020 Thursday Western Important aspects of Refund in case of inverted Tax Structure under GST CA. Abhay Desai, Vadodara  
58 30/5/2020 Saturday Southern TDS – Practical Issues and Resolution under Income-Tax CA D.R. Venkatesh, Bengaluru. Will be uploaded in due course Click Here
59 30/5/2020 Saturday Western Intricate issues in Classification and rate of tax under GST Shri Uchit Sheth, Adv.  
60 31/5/2020 Sunday Central Webinar with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker  
61 31/5/2020 Sunday Southern Demands and Recoveries Under GST Sri. Raghava Ramabadran, Advocate, Chennai. Will be uploaded in due course Click Here 
62 1/6/2020 Monday Western Critical aspects of Assessment, Demand & Recovery under GST CA. Ashit Shah  
63 2/6/2020 Tuesday Western Intricate Issues in Composition Scheme and RCM Under GST CA. Pranav Kapadia  
64 4/6/2020 Thursday Western Intricate Issues in Job works under GST Shri Kuntal Parekh, Adv.  
65 6/6/2020 Saturday Western Issues in Export (including deemed export) of Goods & Refund under GST Rahul Thakar, Adv.  
66 6/6/2020 Saturday Eastern Three years of GST – From landmark rulings to virtual courts Abhishek A Rastogi  
67 7/6/2020 Sunday Eastern Tips on health issues post COVID-19 and allied matters. Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Will be uploaded in due course  
68 10/6/2020 Wednesday Western Search and Seizure under GST, impact of Contravention under Customs Act Shri Pankaj Ghiya, Adv. Click Here
69 13/6/2020 Saturday Western Interplay between Income Tax Act and Black Money`s Act, Money Laundering, Benami Transactions Act. Hon`ble Ms. Justice Harshaben Devani, Ahmedabad  
70 14/6/2020 Sunday Western Principles of Natural Justice as Applicable to Tax Proceedings and Writs in Taxation. Adv. Manish J Shah, Ahmedabad Will be uploaded in due course  
71 21/6/2020 Sunday Western Lessons we learned from COVID 19 Pujya Gnanvatsal Swami
BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha  
72 1/7/2020 Wednesday Southern InstaGST Web App CA Annapurna Srikanth
CA Roopa Venkatesh
Will be uploaded in due course  
73 20/7/2020 Monday Central Revision of Orders U/s 263 and 264 of Act- Critical Issues Adv. Kapil Goel. Delhi Click Here
74 21/7/2020 Tuesday Central Practical Aspect of filing form 35 & 36 & Appearance before CIT APPEALS & ITAT Adv. V.P. Gupta, Delhi Click Here
75 22/7/2020 Wednesday Central Important Issues in Reassessment CA Ajay R. Singh, Mumbai Click Here
76 23/7/2020 Thursday  Central Penalty u/s 270A : Under reporting and Misreporting of Income CA. Dhinal Shah, Ahmedabad Click Here
77 24/7/2020 Friday Central Taxation of Capital Gains under Income Tax : An analysis. CA Rajesh Mehta, Indore Click Here
78 25/7/2020 Saturday Southern Virtual Webinar through CISCO WEBEX application CA Hetal N Shah, Bengaluru
CA Bharat Sachdev, Mumbai
  Click Here
Click Here
79 25/7/2020 Saturday Central Non Resident Taxation & FEMA CA Paresh Shah, Mumbai  
80 26/7/2020 Sunday Central How to handle Income tax Survey Search & Seizure. Adv. Narayan P. Jain. Kolkata Click Here
81 31-7 & 1/8/2020 Friday Saturday Eastern Real Estate Virtual Summit 2020 on the theme "Real Estate- Footprints for Future"    
82 2/8/2020 Sunday Eastern Real Estate Virtual Summit 2020 on the theme "Real Estate- Footprints for Future"